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USS George Bush
   January 05, 2004
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Panorama of Martian plain with landing pod in foreground. (AP/Wide World Photos)
NASA's Mars Rover Sends Its First Photos
NASA's Spirit rover has sent its first images from Mars, showing a landscape scattered with small rocks that brought cheers from scientists. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration began receiving the first of an estimated 60 to 80 images from Spirit's cameras late Saturday, just three hours after the robot made an apparently flawless landing on Mars.

Gays Funded Howard Dean’s Early Campaign
The early foundation of Governor Dean’s presidential campaign -- both in fundraising and organization -- was built by the support of the lesbian and gay community around the country, Dean’s finance director Stephanie Schriock has revealed to the Washington Post. More: One Gay Group Sticks With GOP

  • Bush Bracing for Matchup Against Dean
  • Dean Was Warned on Vt. Nuke Security
  • Rivals Seek to Topple Dean As Front-Runner
  • Dean: I Was Right - America Is No Safer
  • Bush's December Moves Mute Dem Criticism
  • Bush Cites Democrats' 'Angry Attacks'
  • Bush Charts Bold Course for his Presidency
  • 20% of Voters Undecided

  • Report: Plot to Attack U.S. with BA Jets
  • Ill-fated BA 223 Delayed Again
  • British Flight Finally Lands in U.S.

  • British Airways 223, the most scrutinized flight since the United States declared a high terrorism alert Dec. 21, lifted off from Heathrow Airport just after 1 p.m. EST Saturday after intensive security checks and landed safely near Washington about 8 hours later. However, security concerns continue as Sunday's flight is delayed. Click here for a list of all the flights disrupted so far.
  • Al-Jazeera Airs Purported Bin Laden Tape
  • Airlines Face Uncertainty on Schedules
  • All 148 Aboard Killed in Egypt Jet Crash
  • U.S. Warns Other Countries Over Flights
  • British Airways Cancels Saudi Flight
  • Nuclear Officials to Review Security

  • Geraldo, Estrich: Rush Probe 'Stinks'
  • Report: Rush Targeted
    Data unearthed by the Palm Beach Post supports the conclusion made by Rush Limbaugh and his attorney, Roy Black, that the famed talk show host is being targeted by local prosecutors for political reasons. Read about Rush Limbaugh and the media war against him CLICK HERE.
  • Proposal to Track Pills May Pass at Last

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  • Ronald Reagan: Stories in His Own Hand
  • Bush Country T-Shirts

    Templeton: Housing Boom
    May Just Go Bust

    Sir John Templeton has been warning that the U.S. housing boom may just bust -- with catastrophic consequences for the stock market. Find out what Templeton and Warren Buffett are saying in NewsMax's Financial Intelligence Report. Also hear Alan Greenspan's true feelings about our currency. Find out the details – click here now. Also check out our FREE offer for the best-selling book "Financial Reckoning Day" – click here now.

    British PM Makes Surprise Trip to Iraq
    British Prime Minister Tony Blair, making a surprise visit Sunday to his nation's troops, said the invasion of Iraq would be a test case in the global fight against terror.

  • U.S. Soldier Killed in Attack on U.S. Base in Iraq
  • GI Dies As Copter Shot Down in Iraq
  • Pontiff's New Year's Message: 'Peace Is a Duty'
  • Navy Seizes Boat With $11M in Hashish
  • 5 Die in New Year's Car Bomb Blast in Iraq
  • Halliburton Loses Deal in Iraq
  • Army Drops Charge of Cowardice Against GI

    Afghan Constitution Offers Hope for Peace
    Afghans approved a new constitution on Sunday, embracing a deal shaped in three weeks of rancorous debate.

  • India, Pakistan Officials Meet at Summit
  • N. Korea to Let U.S. Experts See Nuke Site
  • Powell Outlines Goals for 2004
  • U.S. Refuses to Let U.N. 'Do It Alone' in Libya
  • U.S. Blocked Nuke Parts Bound for Tripoli
  • U.N. Fights U.S. Help in Disarming Libya

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    FBI Presses Reporters on CIA Flap
    Investigators are pressing Administration officials to let journalists tell whatever they know about the leak of a CIA agent's identity.

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    Magazine reporters from GQ, Fitness, and Single Living sniff and tell...Read the article or Jump to Athena

    Rethinking Mad Cow Disease
    Controversial research says metals — not infectious beef — may be involved.

  • Third Farm Quarantined in Mad Cow Scare
  • Animal Feed Watched After Mad Cow Case
  • Investigators Search for Mad Cow Source

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    Don't let your doctor turn you into a soft, wishy-washy, girlish Democrat. It's all bull - take back your youthful manhood, power, and virility

    Suit Says Black Got Preferred Treatment
    The board of Hollinger International repeatedly approved deals that benefited Conrad Black, its chairman, and other company executives without independent analysis, alleges suit.

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    Some of the most famous companies in America started out as mail-order: Sears, L.L. Bean, Victoria's Secret, Harry & David, Sharper Image, and more. You can do it too with little or no start-up costs...

    Calif. AG Begins Mutual Fund Probe
    Whether three California-based mutual fund companies failed to disclose that they were paying brokers for recommending certain mutual funds is under question.

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    Greenspan Defends Himself on'90s Bubble
    The Fed chief says policy-makers would have damaged the economy in the late 1990s had they tried to burst that era's speculative stock market bubble.

  • Manufacturing Sector Finishes 2003 Strong
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    Group Counters 'Christian' White House
    Group charges that the Bush administration's "fundamentalist Christian ideology" is destroying international health care programs.

    'Crocodile Hunter' Incident Draws Fire
    "Crocodile hunter" Steve Irwin's latest stunt - hand feeding a large crocodile while holding his infant son - draws fire from viewers.

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    Cash-Strapped States Face New Challenges
    Still struggling with money worries, state lawmakers head back to work to deal with some tricky problems: Medicaid cuts, higher education funding, and whether to allow more gambling among them.

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    Strange but true. You can burn excess fat off your abs without following a strict diet. In fact, you can do it without crunches and sit-ups. Find out about this unique method of exercise. Click here.

    Business Liquidator Opens in Silicon Valley
    Martin Pichinson - a man who has buried nearly 150 failed startups since 1999 - has swooped into Silicon Valley like a vulture lurking over a pack of wounded animals.

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    Nobel prize winners measure the potential for disease by the abilty of water to carry nutrients and electrons that destroy free radicals that cause disease into the cells! Click Here.

    Report: Koreans, IBM Officials Indicted
    Prosecutors indicted 48 government and IBM company officials Sunday on corruption charges linked to a South Korean affiliate of the U.S. computer giant, a media report says.

    Adv: Terrorist Attack: Are You Ready?
    You have one minute to evacuate, what will you take? If restricted to your home, do you have enough food? What if there is no water or electricity? At the very least, get this book!

    VA Revises Priority for Doctor Visits
    Veterans needing medical help about health problems stemming from their military service will be scheduled first.

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    Each Silver Eagle coin minted by the government reduces the debt, gives jobs to Americans, and best of all gives your bottom line a boost. The product is money/silver coin. Click here.

    Gun-toting Reporters? Reed Irvine, Lieberman, More...
    Get NewsMax's Insider Report FREE! In the latest edition you'll also find out:

  • New York Times' Gun Toting Reporters
  • Media: Mad Cow Is 'She,' Baby Is 'It'
  • Lieberman's Unlikely Christmas Wish
  • Reed Irvine Suffers Stroke

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    Republic of Georgia Votes for President
    Six weeks after President Eduard Shevardnadze's resignation in the face of mass demonstrations, the former Soviet republic of Georgia voted Sunday for his successor.

  • Afghans Narrow Differences During Talks
  • Strong Earthquake Rocks Mexico City
  • New Year's Eve Bomb in Indonesia Kills 10
  • Vietnam's Communist Dictatorship Jails Dissident

    Sane Precautions in a Time of Terror Barry Farber
    To exhort everyone to come to Times Square while excoriating a caution-preaching congressman is a fast elevator drop from leadership into yahooism.

    The Greatest Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself Ivan Eland
    Our nationwide threat index draws a bull’s eye on America, helps the terrorists achieve their goal of inducing fear and creates only the illusion that the government is protecting us.

    News & Notes Dr. Ted Baehr
    The Barna Research Group reported recently that morality in America continued to decline in 2003.

    Hot New Year News from China Lev Navrozov
    The New Year news from China is far 'hotter' for the United States than is the news from Iraq.

    Stopping the Spread of WMD Edward I. Koch
    A nuclear bomb in the hands of religious zealots can inflict harm beyond our imagination.


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