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What is wrong with these people?

Jon Alvarez

Jon Alvarez
December 29, 2003

What is wrong with these people? I'm talking about Americans who did NOT see the capture of Saddam Hussein as being a good thing. Perhaps their anti-Bush bias is so blinding that it has gotten in the way of common sense? Regardless, we have consistently seen throughout the past year that good news for America is bad news for the anti-American left. That would include those Democrats, Hollywood celebrities, and "peace" activists who opposed this just and moral war. Will the capture of Osama bin Laden will be treated with the same level of disdain?

For months, we've heard nothing but criticism and an almost joyful gloating concerning our inability to locate and capture Saddam Hussein. In numerous sound bites, newspaper editorials, and left-wing website forums, the favored mantra of the left was "Where's Saddam?" It was hurled about as an indictment against the war, meant to ridicule and condemn the Bush Administration. Leftists used this mantra to make themselves feel better after the stinging victory by our military over Iraqi forces, which forced both leftists and Iraqi military personnel scrambling for cover.

Democratic candidate Howard Dean spent the better part of the last week trying to explain why he didn't see the news of Saddam's capture as good news. Dean seems to think America is NOT safer as a result. It appears the front-runner of the party of appeasement thinks it's safer to leave a supporter of terrorism in office than to replace him with a democratic government. Is Dean hoping for another terrorist attack on U.S. soil to save his campaign? Otherwise, as one tearful Dean supporter wrote on the Dean weblog: "I feel that we now don't have a chance in this election.." Good news for America and the War on Terror is bad news for the Dean campaign. What is wrong with that picture?

Speaking of Dean, even his fellow Democrats have taken to attacking him via television ads, citing his lack of military and foreign policy experience. His own party has given him a vote of no confidence! Of course, the Dean campaign seemed very upset over this indictment and these ads, going so far as to request that they not be aired anymore. So what's good for the goose isn't good for the gander? 2004 is going to be an interesting year; Howard Dean has certainly provided the RNC with lots of ammo to use against him. For the time being, I'll simply enjoy watching the Democrats turn on each other. Reminds me of the movie "Lost in Space" when Will Robinson made the observation: "They eat their dead." Let the Democratic cannibalism begin!

We certainly cannot exclude the Hollywood celebrity pundits from our discussion concerning people whose actions are beyond comprehension. Those celebrities who seemed to have no problem with President Clinton and his military campaign versus Serbia yet felt the need to march in support of Saddam Hussein have been very quiet. Mike Farrell, to his credit, is the only anti-war celebrity to be seen on the talk show circuit last week. He did grudgingly indicate that the capture of Saddam Hussein was a good thing, yet felt the strong urge to criticize America for her support of Saddam's regime in the 80's (see leftist strategy shift, next paragraph). Anti-war activist Madonna apparently has chosen to ignore the role played by Wesley Clark in Yugoslavia as she endorsed him as her candidate of choice. Wouldn't you think an anti-war activist would have serious issues with this candidate's bombing campaign versus the Serbians? Apparently, she thinks he's a spiritual man with a heart. Wouldn't the freeing of Iraq from a brutal dictator allow one to form the same conclusion about George W. Bush?

Getting back to Saddam Hussein, since his capture we've seen a strategy shift amongst the left. Those guilty of politicizing this war, at a time when our country should have been unified, have now taken to condemning America for her past support of Saddam Hussein versus the Iranians and Osama bin Laden versus the Soviets in Afghanistan. This is a very naive view of world politics, but then again, that aptly describes the "peace" protesters. Alliances change as do situations, just look at our relationship this year with a traditional ally, France. Perhaps this is why they are so insistent that the trial takes place in the World Court. Not only would Saddam be on trial, but the United States as well.

Such an international trial would not only allow the United Nations to judge America for its past deeds, but it would also place the United Nations in a position from which to criticize America's behavior over the course of the past year. Despite the fact that Saddam brutalized the people of Iraq for decades, Kofi Annan feels that Saddam would not receive a fair trial in Iraq. Doesn't it warm the heart to see the level of concern for a mass murderer while this same inept and corrupt world body remained silent while the mass graves were filled? It's too bad the people of Iraq can't treat Saddam to the same kind of retirement party the Italians gave Mussolini. History will show that America did the right thing in removing the threat posed by Saddam Hussein. History will not be so kind to those that opposed and obstructed our actions.

Another strategy shift from the left, albeit one that smacks of desperation, centers on the advancement of conspiracy theories. With the wonderful news of further economic recovery in America, Democrats have found themselves in quite a predicament. What issues can they use to attack President Bush on? Several Democrats have begun to push far-left conspiracy theories. Howard Dean appeared to be supportive of disgraced ex-Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney's theory that President Bush had prior knowledge of the attacks on 9/11. No surprise there since Dean also thinks we should suspend judgment on bin Laden's guilt until he receives a fair trial. Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott suggested that Saddam Hussein had been held in captivity for some time, only to be brought out for display when it became politically convenient. Even former Secretary of State Madeline Albright got in on the action, advancing an obscene suggestion that likewise, we already had Osama bin Laden in custody and he would be making an appearance prior to the election next year. Perhaps he could be invited to the premiere of Michael Moore's conspiracy film, Fahrenheit911, due out in theatres just before the election?

Now, one could certainly discount such theories as pure speculation by desperate political opponents who have no other issues with which to criticize President Bush. However, this type of irresponsible and dangerous behavior from mainstream politicians illustrates the radicalization and desperation of the Democrats. It also feeds the far-left fringe groups who have such a hatred for President Bush that they cannot be discounted as harmless conspiracy nuts. Let's not discount the impact such behavior has with regards to fueling the anti-American fires around the world.

As proof of this, one only needs to turn to the Internet for confirmation. Just this week, I was a guest on an Internet radio show hosted by Doug Basham of Las Vegas. Mr. Basham's radio program feeds the left-wing fringe element and furthers their distrust of all elements of our government. The radio program, described as a left-wing alternative to the conservative mainstream media (yikes!), began with a news segment centering on the Rumsfeld/Saddam connection of the 80's. One can simply visit the show's website or even the more popular DemocraticUnderground.com to view the level of hatred, contempt, and distrust for President Bush. These people are the inconvincible; for them any facts or information discrediting their theories would be discounted as being a part of the conspiracy itself. Speaking with Doug Basham and reading the comments of his audience provided further confirmation of this.

These are the same people who would openly cheer upon hearing news of the death of President Bush. Some comments gleaned from the DU site relative to President Bush and his thoughts on whether Saddam Hussein should receive "Ultimate Justice" (death penalty):

bif: "Who cares what you think! You worthless piece of s---!"

scishyp: "If evilness is measured by amount of actual and potential harm caused to the innocent, nobody in this world can even stand next to Bush."

Triana: "I think Bu$h Should Face......ultimate Justice...he's as bad as Sadaam, IMO"

I certainly hope our government is monitoring these people. It would appear that the anonymity of the Internet emboldens people. Is it time for websites such as these to become more responsible for what their members say and do by requiring them to use their real names?

One final point worth mentioning; this left-wing radio program treated the latest terror alert with a certain amount of contempt and suspicion. Could you imagine the outcry from these people were the government to NOT warn us of increased chatter? These are, of course, the same folks who believe that the government could have actually done something to prevent 9/11. (Link below to DemocraticUnderground forum discussion where members HOPE the President had prior knowledge of 9/11). Had we rounded up 19 Muslim males on September 10th, do you think there would have been cries of "racial profiling"? I posed that very question to Mr. Basham, who did admit that he would have discounted the government's claim. President Bush has taken action to neutralize the threat posed by Iraq (terrorist state, possessor of WMD, Al-Quada ties), and has worked diligently to prevent more attacks on American soil. The reaction of the left towards the capture of Saddam Hussein is no different than their reaction on September 10th had we arrested 19 Muslim males.

What is wrong with these people? What makes them think the way they do? We live in the greatest country in the world, where our very way of life is under attack by a non-discriminating force, and yet these people insist on playing their petty politics of hate and obstruction. Thank God we did not see this type of behavior from the opposition party during World War Two. Otherwise, German might be the prevailing language in Europe and much of the world. It's important that we not forget what these people have said and done in 2003 as we head into 2004. Thank God we have Osama bin Laden on film taking credit for the attacks of 9/11. Otherwise, the left and Howard Dean would treat him as another poor victim of the Great Satan, also known as America. It's no wonder 2003 saw the words liberal and leftist take on such a negative connotation.

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Jon Alvarez presently resides outside of Syracuse, NY. He is a graduate of the University of Texas, and taught 8th grade U.S. History before embarking on a career in sales. Jon became interested in politics and political commentary after 9-11 (that's when he, along with many of his countrymen, woke up from their peaceful slumber).

Jon is an active member of his community, with involvement in the county Republican committee, Neighborhood Watch, and the local Elks Lodge. He is the founder of the group "Patriotic Americans Boycotting Anti-American Hollywood" or PABAAH, which currently has over 1,000 members with a stated goal of not supporting those celebrities who failed to support America in her time of need. "They do not deserve our hard-earned money," Jon says.

He also has his own website forum at http://groups.msn.com/AlvysForum.

© Copyright 2003 by Jon Alvarez

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