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05 Dec 2003
Bristol Firm Wins Death Roll & Unsustainable Development Awards
@Bristol Sponsor and Bristol based compnay, Rio Tinto Zinc, wins 2 awards; 'Death Roll Award' and the 'Goni Lozada Award For Unsustainable Development'
While the Mining Industry was having its annual back slapping award ceremony at the Mines and Money Congress, anti-mines campaigners handed out their own awards for making a big fat mess of our plant rather than for making big fat wads of cash. Top prize of the "Death Roll Award" went jointly to Jim-Bob Moffet and Robert Wilson who are respective heads of the US company Freeport and the UK-based company Rio Tinto. Under their leadership the companies have taken the world's richest mineral deposit at Grasberg from under the feet of the indigenous people of West Papua, Indonesia. John Rumbiak, a native Papuan human rights activist said: "In the three decades that Freeport has operated in Papua, the company has single-handedly succeeded in establishing its own fiefdom. With the assistance of the Indonesian armed forces, paid by Freeport to safeguard its operations, the company decides who can enter the area surrounding its mine and who cannot." Rio Tinto also won the "Goni Lozada Award For Unsustainable Development" (which is fitting considering its close relations with the Bolivian ex-president after whom the award is named). The judges were shocked that Rio Tinto, given its track record, was nominated for the Mines and Money equivalent award for "Sustainable Development". Rio Tinto also shared the "Emperor's New Clothes Award" with Newmont and Placer Dome for its advocacy of Submarine Tailings Disposal (dumping waste in the ocean!) in the Asia-Pacific region despite the problems such dumping has caused elsewhere.

For more information Phone: (+44) 20 7700 6189 or see

Tinto Zinc is based at 1 Redcliff Street, Bristol, BS1 6NT
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06 Dec 2003
As I said in a comment a while ago the first demo I ever went on was against RTZ in Bristol in the late 1980s' and they crapped themselves. It was one of they many great anti laughs I've ever had. Silly fucking rewards that they will take no notice of and probably use in their own marketing material is bullshit.

If we can get a mob outside of their place then we can do it now surely. If it brings us into conflict with the police([search]) and their nazi cohorts then so be it. Give 'um a taste of the terror that they proliferate around the globe in their own back yard. Don't tell the police when and where just fucking do it.

They shit themselves back then. Fucking good. They are murdering fascist scum.
06 Dec 2003