Pedit is a freeware DOS editor similar to, but better than the standard DOS edit program.

Options include:

· Both, columns and lines
  can easily be marked.
· Word wrap.
· 112 bits encryption option.
· Integrated spelling checker
  and thesaurus.
· Spell check HTML and RTF
· Copy and paste to other
  Windows applications.
· Accesses the Windows
  printer drivers.
· Under continuous
  development since 1995
· And lots and lots more...

Check out also our newer version for Windows, WinPedit.
DOS-based ASCII editors are generally pretty thick on the ground and most are in the 'ho hum' category -- you'd wonder why anyone would go out of their way to write a program when Microsoft has included MS-Edit (which doesn't do a bad job) with all recent releases of DOS. Pedit is not just another ASCII text editor and, even though it has a similar look-and-feel to MS-Edit, the enhancements make it a bloomin' marvel. Pedit has such refinements as a spell checker, thesaurus, macro facility, word wrap, heaps of keyboard shortcuts (many based on the old WordStar commands but also includes many Windows ones, like Ctl-X, Ctrl-C, etc) and it even has a pop up table showing ASCII numbers. Win95 users will be pleased to note that it supports long filenames. There are heaps more features, many of them aimed directly at programmers, but the best thing to do is to go and test drive this baby yourself. The options menu is Alt-F1 and there you find everything you need to customize it to your heart's content.

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Completely Free Software

The next time you need to edit text in DOS, don't use the MS-DOS editor -- try Pedit (Program Editor) instead. This free program runs circles around the Microsoft product, with better features for general usage and programming alike. Both columns and lines can be marked for alterations and/or deletions. Indentation of source files can be changed with no fuss. You can insert/append another file into the current file and easily access an ASCII chart and tables for line-drawing and foreign characters. Other features include mouse support, position marking and jumping, word wrap of marked blocks (so text documents and email can be modified and easily made readable again), an integrated spelling checker and thesaurus, the ability to copy and paste to Windows applications, macros, and long-filename support. Even though DOS programs of this type aren't in vogue nowadays, Pedit would still make a great addition to any power user's toolkit.

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