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CRIME BUSTERS of South AfricaDeemed especially "cool" by 
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Farm Attacks : 5 More Farm Murders - Editorial opinion by CBB Journalists
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From: via_email  (Original Message)Sent: 5/23/2001 1:10 PM
Five more farm murders and a Boer child beaten to death
-- but no so-called "media outcry"
MAY 7 2001 -- Another five white South Africans -- three Boers, one of German and one of Greek descent -- have been murdered in four armed attacks on farm homesteads by groups of young black men the previous week. However, these five murders of white owners of South African farms has gone virtually unnoticed by the main-stream media -- as has last week's terrifying death of an Afrikaner schoolboy of Parys in the Free State, beaten to death by a gang of young black men with metal pipes while the unarmed child was selling sheep at the roadside.
Censorbugbear journalists have a personal opinion that this near-total silence from the South African mainstream news media about these five racist murders has been more than startling -- especially when compared to the "media outcry" and the surrounding ANC-created court riots from the still totally unexplained death of a heavily-armed young black poacher found dead in a Pietersburg farm dam two weeks ago. A group of Afrikaner rugby players of the Northerns Rugby team has been arrested for this mysterious death, and although not even charged, have remained in jail without getting a legal bail application hearing -- which is an infringement of their constitutional rights.
Meanwhile, police have not yet to arrest anyone for last week's five farm murders -- in fact, police even allowed one group of suspected murderers -- those returning from the torture-death of 70-year old farmer Gustav Gullas in Magaliesburg -- to flee from their roadblock on foot.
Killed on four farms this past week were: 75-year-old Mrs. Griet van der Westhuizen of the farm Smaldeel in Parys; Mr Gawie van der Merwe [55] of the farm Syfertfontein at Hartebeesfontei and his friend Dorethea van der Merwe [48] of Potchefstroom, who was suffocated by her killers. In Natal, Mr. Wilfred Ullerman [78] and his wife and Mr Gustav Gullas, 70, of the farm Kosterfontein in Magaliesburg. None of these armed black men have been arrested. Police claim they are still looking for them.

Past Saturday's murder of Mr Gullas -- already the survivor of an earlier armed attack at his farm -- had been particularly ferocious: his four armed black attackers had tied him up with a belt and then methodically kicked him to death. Moreover, police had even trapped these armed killers at a roadblock in Hercules near Pretoria shortly afterwards -- but somehow let them get away.
And in the Ermelo district, farmer's wife Mrs Cecile Venter said they had asked police to investigate the fact that a group of four young black men was planning to kill them. Mrs Venter told Radio Pretoria this week that police had recently arrested a young black worker on the farm, who hasd been caught in the act poaching sheep -- but the worker was charged in court and granted bail and now continues to live on the farm without their permission -- even though he had been caught stealing from them and no longer does any work for them, the worker still demands his pay and free housing and other amenities. Mrs Venter's housekeeper made a statement to police that this man is now plotting to kill the Venters, and that three young black strangers visited him only recently.
Under the new laws pertaining to former farm employees, farm owners no longer have the right to have them removed as uninvited occupants from any private agricultural property. However, since Mrs Venter's housekeeper has made a formal statement about the threats against the Venter couple to police, the alleged murder plot now is being investigated by police, who said they were "taking the matter very seriously."
And -- what do the foreign news media think about South Africa these days?

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