.6.2.2002. A Long awaited announcement... is here...

It has been some time since our last update. Many fans and community members have been writing emails, asking what is happening with 3rd World and why we are short on news and releases on our official site.

As we have explained in our open letter to community, developing a game like 3rd World is a very hard task. We have been in a difficult situation for a long time, and we feel that community support in these tuff moments was the greatest encouragement for all.

Because of this, we plan on writing a new design document which will explain in more details our problems and our progress. It will feature details on current state of 3rd World, and story about our main achievements in last couple of months.

.6.2.2002. New Clans

We have a lot of clans reported for 3rd World Clans section.

We will release this new page very soon now, but we still feel that some clans are missing. Please submit your clan info and clan logo as soon as possible, so we could focus on designing and finishing this new web page.

.24.10.2001. 3rd World Clans Section Opens Today!!

We have opened special official clan page section our site!

This is a place were you will be able to find out more info on each 3rd World clan. There is an announcement on the page explaining in more details goals of our new clan section.

Follow the link in the main menu, or just click here!

.24.10.2001. Clans updated

We have updated clan links and added new clans.
To all clan members/owners: please visit new 3rd World Clans section

.15.10.2001. New updates are coming

You can expect new updates including screenshots, polls and texts in couple of days.

The community has gone wild, and we are having more and more reports of clan sites, and many requests for beta accounts.

Let us just say this one in public, for the record:
All Clans and their members will be invited to join beta-testing

There will also be a clan update as some of their link changed.
We also intend on opening special page for clan information on the official site.

This was a small official word, as we are getting a lot of emails these days.

.05.09.2001. Preview at World of Gaming

There is one new preview of 3rd World.

This time it's published at World of Gaming. WoG is also host for one of our fan sites - 3rd World Gaming, meaning that these guys really know what is 3rd World all about.

Suggestion -> Go check it out.

.04.09.2001. Old/New screenshots

We also promised we will release those old screenshots from eUniverse that got lost into the cyberworld.

So here they are, 3 of them... go to -> screenshots
(two ships and one station screen)

(they are a little old, but you will find them interesting
enough we hope ;)

.17.08.2001. New Dev. Diary at VE

There is a brand new development diary at VoodooExtreme!

This one covers info on beta-test rescheduling and explanation of one new 3rd World feature, so called "Personal Database Module". Check it out:

"Personal Database Module" will be some sort of your own home (ships) library. You will buy new books (Information Cards) and extend this library every day.

PDM will be one of the core modules each player will need to successfully survive in outer space. PDM is your local extendable 3rd World space encyclopedia.

Additionally to Diary there are 3 new screenshots released!

.17.08.2001. New 3rd World fan site


One of our most dedicated community members, Zotud, Started a great new fan site called 3rd World Gaming.

Go check it out, because it's certainly is something special.

.17.08.2001. Announcement

As there is growing number of Clan sites for 3rd World, we are planning to make a special link section for Clan sites.

We will also announce all clan sites here, so that our community members could have a direct information from the official site (in case they are not visiting fan sites)

.24.07.2001. Announcement

Hello everyone!!

It is time to update the info on 3rd World as we've been silent for quite some time now!

Let's start with the information that eUniverseGames is officially dead, and those screens we've send them (that were published for 24h only) have disappeared into thin air.

We will release them again, on some other net location, soon enough.

Second information is that we will release more in-station screens soon, so be ready.

Third info is that poll results will be up in couple of days, so if you haven't voted already, please do.

Forth info: We will release some new Game Information Pages that will explain some new, and yet never-before-seen-in-any-game, features that will 3rd World have.

And fifth and the last one: This little pause was due to our top-secret arrangements inside the studio, as we have some new plans and will start some reorganizing so expect more info to come on this.


.04.06.2001. New Development diary and screens at VE

New development diary is up at VoodooExtreme. 6 exclusive shots are included in this article. Jump to VE and check it out.

Here's a little snap:

Plan for First Test is almost finished. We will start first testing at the end of August. This test will be conducted in cooperation with the most dedicated member of our community and few other chosen candidates.

Test will feature Internet play in both environments. We will use the test as a beginning of a true persistent world that will be active all the time, and will move through couple of phases. During all tests, game will be constantly upgraded and new elements inserted on a weekly basis. In this way we will test the most important characteristic of our game engine, and that is modularity. Player will not download new patches, but instead, they will download only the modules they need or which they have upgraded through the game play.

So, now you know.
So, now you get ready.

.31.05.2001. New Screens at 3rd World Central

We have sent 2 new exclusive screen shots to 3rd World Central. Head over there and check them out.

Also, while there, you should check the rest of the site 'cause they are adding more and more content every day.

.19.05.2001. New 3rd World Fan site opens

Brand new 3rd World fan site is open!

Site is called called 3rd World Central and it features a lot of information on the game, screen shots gallery, forums section and many more interesting materials.

We are preparing to release some new screens at 3rd World Central, very soon now (especially because this eUniverse problem is talking too long ;)

.15.05.2001. Screen shots at eUniverseGames

There are some problems regarding recent screen shots release at eUniverse... we will inform you when they fix this problem.

On Tuesday, 15th of May, eUniverseGames published 6 new exclusive screens of 3rd World. Enjoy.

There will be more goodies soon...

.12.05.2001. New info coming soon...

Starting Monday 14th, there will be a lot of 3rd World goodies published across the net.

We will release new information on our First-Internet-Closed-Testing-Phase that should begin by the end of summer (this year), and there will be more exclusive pics, and developing diaries, too.

There is also one new fan-site that will go live in next couple of days!

So stay tuned...

.02.05.2001. Preview at PC Zone UK

3rd World preview was published on PC Zone UK

Just a standard preview based around already published materials.

.27.04.2001. Preview at GameSpot!

Preview of 3rd World was published on GameSpot

There are new details on game play, and lots of new screen shots! Four screens feature our first transporter ship.

For old news click here

05. 09. 2001.
World of Gaming publishes their own preview of 3rd World
17. 08. 2001.
New Development Diary at VoodooExtreme + 3 new screen shots
17. 08. 2001.
New 3rd World Fan site - 3rd world Gaming
04. 06. 2001.
New Development Diary at VoodooExtreme + 6 new screen shots
31. 05. 2001.
2 exclusive screens at 3rd World Central
15. 05. 2001.
6 exclusive screens at eUniverse Games
02. 05. 2001.
3rd World Preview at PC Zone UK, no exclusive screens
27. 04. 2001.
Preview at Gamespot, bunch of new screens included.
18. 04. 2001.
Development Diary at VoodooExtreme + 5 new screen shots
17. 04. 2001.
Community Made Interview published + 4 new screen shots released
21. 03. 2001.
Interview at ATFW, Part One featuring 3 new screen shots
15. 03. 2001.
New Polls are set + results from previous polls.
14. 03. 2001.
11 new screen shots released showing improved Graphic quality. 8 station outside and 3 station inside screens
09. 01. 2001.
3rd World Interview at ActionVault featuring 3 new exclusive screen shots.
23. 12. 2000.
Community Made Interview starts at 3rd World HQ developers board
20. 12. 2000.

EuroGamer previews 3rd World. One new in-station screen shot is published

11. 12. 2000.
Two new in-station screen shots and 4 new concept art pics released
10. 12. 2000.
First 3rd World FAQ released at 3rd World HQ
27. 11. 2000.
New 3rd World Fan Site is open - Think Tank
The site will examine all ideas in detail and present the final ‘paper’ on the subject to the developers.
16. 11. 2000.
3rd World site redesigned
Introduced polls, new game information, screenshots, and art.
31. 10. 2000.
Exclusive screenshots at 3rdWorldHQ. 5 new screens were released on our fan site.
26. 10. 2000.
First 3rd World fan site launched 3rd World HQ. 3 new screenshots were released on 3rd World HQ,
4. 10. 2000.
Interview at Honest3D
Interview with few basic game info. One screen-shot published.
20. 09. 2000.
3rd World Boards open
Official 3rd World Boards are opened at RPG Vault
You can discuss the game and it's features directly with developers.
24. 08. 2000.
3rd World web site is on-line
Big information on the game concept! 2 new screenshots and 5 new concept arts.
23. 08. 2000.
Interview at GA-Source
Short interview covering the basic game information. Two new concept arts.
7. 08. 2000.
First-Look at GA-Source
First look at 3rd World game. One new screenshot and 3 new concept arts.
17. 07. 2000.
Preview at ActionTrip
Announced details about interior of space stations. Details about SpaceLOG and little info on EXP points. 3 screenshots and first 5 concept arts.
26. 06. 2000.
First Interview at IGN
Introductory story about the game and few game details. First 4 screenshots where published