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::  alphakanal buzZer v0.3.1 released  23rd January
Audio Unit
alphakanal have updated buzZer to v0.3.1.

  • Minor bugfixes.
  • AllNotesOff should work now.
  • Passes Apple's AUValidation tool now.
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::  MTSoftware updates HostX & TseqX  23rd January
MTSoftware have released new versions of their freeware HostX, TseqX, TdrumX, and TsampX. All work with JackTools.

New Feature Summary

HostX 1.0.6 [a free standing VSTi host]:

  • Works with CFM and Mach-O VST plugins.
  • 4 FX busses.
  • Send Multi-timbral VSTi plugins MIDI data from multiple sources.

TseqX 2.0.4 [32-step pattern sequencer]:

  • Works with CFM and Mach-O VST plugins.
  • 4 FX busses.
  • Works with the CM-505 from Computer Music and Linplug.
  • Controls external MIDI devices.

They also updated their two non plugin/host products:

TdrumX 1.0.2 [free standing drum machine]:

  • Streamlined and optimized performance.
  • 4 FX busses.
  • Improved interface.

TsampX 1.0.4 [free standing sampler]:

  • Improved interface.
  • Change MIDI note number assigned to each pad.
  • Trigger and Toggle Modes.
  • Loop Mode.
  • Save window states as well as sample banks.
  • 4 FX busses.
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::  Sagan Technology Metro LX released  23rd January
Audio Unit
Metro LX is a streamlined version of Metro 6. LX is the middle sibling in Sagan Technology's product line. Bigger than Metro SE yet much more compact than the full version of Metro. This product, like their others, is available for download only. However, unlike the other products, LX is an OS X only product.

Basic Features:
  • 16 Sections with up to 48 tracks per section.
  • Up to 10 audio tracks and 2 aux busses.
  • Up to 10 audio effects or 3 synthesizer type plug-ins (soft-synths).
  • AudioUnit (OS X) and VST 2.0 Support.
  • Unlimited off-line effects edits.
  • Convert synthesizer plug-in output to audio simply by mixing tracks.
  • Jukebox for playing MP3, and many other file types.
  • Drag-and-drop editing of audio.
  • Audio file compression with QuickTime.
  • Tap Tempo.
  • Set Selections numerically.
  • VU meters for monitoring of audio and MIDI.
  • Multiple color schemes.
  • Context-sensitive, searchable Online Help.
  • Online tutorials.
  • Multitrack Digital Audio Record.
  • Record at variable sampling rates up to 96kHz and sample sizes up to 16 bit.
  • Edit and process with sample accuracy.
  • Apply audio effects in real-time and make off-line edits.
  • Drag and drop editing of audio regions.
  • Audio functions as shown.
  • Merge audio (Combine).
  • Real-time mixing.
  • Stereo mix-downs at variable sampling rates up to 96kHz and sample sizes up to 16 bit.
  • Multitrack MIDI.
  • Step record, punch in-out, loop record, sound on sound record, and multi-take MIDI record modes.
  • Flexible pattern-based sequencing.
  • Edit audio, MIDI notes, controllers, tempo, audio volume, audio pan, aux buss send volume, aux buss send pan, pitch bend and drum patterns within a single time-locked window.
  • Fade and automate volume, pan and other data.
  • Quantize and Humanize MIDI.
  • Pitch bend and transpose notes.
  • Drum grid editing.
  • Criteria-based editing.
  • Record, edit and insert SysEx data.
  • Multiple time/key signatures per song.
  • Velocity editing.
  • Import and export audio using QuickTime.
  • MIDI file import and export (types 0, 1 and 2).
  • Experiment and apply different rhythms in real-time with the Rhythm Explorer™ * .
  • Paint a musical canvas with the Note Spray tool.
  • Note Pad for keeping notes on individual files.
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::  Yamaha Vocaloid v1.0.2 released  23rd January
Yamaha have updated Vocaloid to v1.0.2. Apparently this contains many bug fixes but what these are isn't specified on the download page.

If you have Vocaloid I'm sure you'll want this ;)
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::  ioNeo Aero Studio released  22nd January
New developer ioNeo has released Aero Studio, a new Virtual studio for Windows with VST support. Aero Studio can be purchased online for 79 EUR and a demo version is available for download.

  • Combines traditional piano roll/parameter automation editing with pattern editing (tracker style).
  • Modular mixer model (Complex chaining of plugins. Connect individual channels).
  • Superior quality (Every single calculation is done using 64 bits precision).
  • Continuous event timing.
  • Event chaining technology (perfect automation).
  • Great visualizers (Analyze the input and output of any machine with the high precision spectral graphs and VU meters) .
  • Render to 64 bit WAV (Every single calculation done using 64 bits precision).
  • 20 machines included (Instruments & Effects) - Samplers, synths, compressor, limiter, filters/EQ, reverbs, delays, flanger, distortion, etc.
  • VST/VSTi support.
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::  Ultrano Dreamer v1.5 released  22nd January
Ultrano's Dreamer has recently been updated to v1.5, bringing with it support for hosting VST instruments and effects, along with some new bundled effects and a "much improved" synth - Musashi.

Dreamer is an expandable virtual studio, in the style of Reason, that comes with a set of devices, that you can insert into the virtual rack of the song window.


  • Virtual rack module.
  • Can be controlled by external sequencer (via MIDI soundcard or MIDI loopback device driver such as 'MIDI_Yoke').
  • Can record all 16 MIDI channels simultaneously.
  • Samplers and drum machines have low-CPU high-quality interpolation.
  • Dreamer makes use of video acceleration, so that you can use all of your CPU for DSP.
  • Imports ReBirth 2.x songs.

Included Devices:

  • Akemi - Digital Sampler
  • CR1 - Computer Rhythm
  • DDL1 - Digital Delay Line
  • M1X3R - Mixer 11:4
  • Musashi - synthesizer
  • SEQ1 - Sequencer
  • Di1 Distortion
  • FR Flanger
  • RV1 Reverb
  • VeloSiTy - VST Host

Dreamer is available for Windows (98SE or higher) and can be purchased online for $49.94 USD. A demo version is available.

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::  SAWStudio v3.5 & SAWStudioBasic released  22nd January
RML Labs has released SAWStudio/SAWStudioLite v3.5 which is now available for immediate download to registered users of v3.4 and higher. They have also just released SAWStudioBasic, a "trimmed back version of the full model", for only $300.


  • The Exploded Mixer View now responds to F-Keys. This allows the E-Mixer to be controlled more easily for SAWStudioLite. The view may now be set to be visible or not based on F-Keys. It may also be set to default to a visible condition based on the default F-Key setup.
  • VST Synth Load And Save Preset commands are now active during Live Input Mode for easier testing of saved patches.
  • Selecting groups from the Select Mode Group menu now assigns the first entry of the group as the Key Entry so group selection can be immediately followed by a snap move or copy operation without the need to first click on a Key Entry.
  • ASIO Driver Reset Requests are now processed automatically with no need to restart playback manually.
  • A new enhancement has been added to the MultiTrack and SoundFile Views. The NumKeypad (with NumLock ON) can be used with the Ctrl key to change to different preset waveform scaling factors. Ctrl-Numkey-1 will set the scale back to full zero db.
  • A new feature has been added for marking ranges. Pressing the Alt-End-Key in normal mode marks an entire track no matter where the current cursor position is.
  • The MultiTrack Menu has been updated with some of the basic keyboard editing functions.
  • The code for live layer switching has been enhanced for slightly better performance at low latencies.


  • Modified the Src Load detection routine for more accuracy under certain types of edl conditions.
  • Added more buffer size to allow settings to be properly saved for some of the larger footprint VST synths such as the Spectrasonics products.
  • Using the X key softedge feature on the exact boundary of the last entry of a track now correctly deletes any existing softedge for that boundary.
  • Using the ASIO Skip First Buffer option now correctly compensates the sync position of a new recorded region.
  • Reloading new preference files with an active Midi Control Template is now handled correctly.
  • The Select Mode Insert function has been modified to correct problems under certain selected configurations.
  • Hot Track Solo Mode no longer disengages when the Ctrl Key is used with certain operations.
  • Record Meter Input Source Mixer Channel selection now operates correctly even when Return and Output channels are re-ordered in front of Input tracks.
  • Modified SoftEdge code that could cause small crackle sounds at the start of entries with softedges that followed VariPitch entries under certain conditions.
  • Setting Tempo To Marked Measures now correctly handles the time signature denominator when not equal to a quarter note.
  • Channel Out Assign switches for Lite are now correctly trapped for switches beyond the max 12 devices.
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::  DashSignature/ProSounds release daAlfa2k bundle  21st January
DashSignature have teamed up with ProSounds to bring you a special bundle which includes the daAlfa2k VSTi (which already includes 224 presets) plus the entire range of daAlfa2k soundsets from ProSounds, giving you instant access to over 850 sounds. The extra bundled presets are categorized into basses, leads, pads & textures, soundFX and essential soundz.

The cost of this special bundle is just $49.95, a saving of $30 on the usual separate selling price, and is available immediately at both web sites.
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::  Tracktion released  21st January
Raw Material Software have released a new version of Tracktion, featuring the long awaited Rack Filters which opens up a whole new area of routing possibilities within tracktion, not least the ability to easily use and route multiple output instruments and also create the Tracktion equivalent of effect sends.

As usual with Tracktion there have been several releases since we last reported one so I can't give you a complete list of changes, suffice to say there have been plenty of bug fixes and other little features added since it last featured in the K-v-R news, including the full Mac OS X release (The Windows and Mac OS X versions are currently in sync).
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::  Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 & XL French/German Editions released  21st January
Cakewalk has announced the release of localized French and German language versions of Home Studio 2004 and Home Studio 2004 XL.

Based on Cakewalk's SONAR audio and MIDI technology, these localized versions of Home Studio 2004 provide amateur musicians and those getting started with PC-based recording, with a host of potent features that include: unlimited audio and MIDI tracks; 24-bit / 96 kHz recording support, Cakewalk VST Adapter; audio loop construction tools; hundreds of MBs of ACID-format audio loops; real-time effects; multi-port Drum Grid editing; ReWire 2.0 support for integration with Project5, Reason, Rebirth soft synth studios; ASIO and WDM hardware support; DXi 2.0 support for multi-out synths and automation from synth interface; easier DXi synth integration with Synth Rack; Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas DXi 2.0 and Audio Simulation DreamStation DXi 2.0 soft-synths, and improved file management (per-project audio files, intelligent file naming).

Home Studio 2004 and Home Studio 2004 XL are now available in French and German through Roland and Edirol distribution partners. For localized pricing and availability visit:

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· VirSyn Cube v1.5 goes resynthesis 20th January
· Garritan GPO Studio announced 20th January
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· Steinberg Nuendo v2.1.1.25 released 20th January
· DashSignature TubiLeSax v1.8.8f & EMM Knagalis v1.3.4 released 20th January
· Yamaha Vocaloid updated to v1.0.1 20th January
· Celemony & Ueberschall collaboration announced 20th January
· Zero-G Leon & Lola Vocaloids released 20th January
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