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Operate -Behave dualism - the paradox  new!

The key is...ready   it's this simple;  to say not to implement, do, live.

The leader today must be a behavioral i and an operational e. 

That's it.

You have to operate and lead like an extrovert. YOU HAVE TO.  Momentum, enthusiasm risk-taking, vision, getting "outward" But..

You have to behave like miss manners.  Yep!! that's it.  

Data driven, extroverted;  enthusiastic, extroverted; visionary and willing to take that chance, extroverted. 

Remember !

Great managers look inward…  

Great leaders, by contrast, look outward.  



The organization cannot be "tranquil" it will boredom itself out of the game.

New challenges and new ideas! are needed to make new strides.


Leaders are willing to break with the past.  






more to come...





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