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 Sunday, February 01, 2004
Typepad and iPhoto united with Atom. Atom is a powerful, open, RSS-like syndication format, but so far, not a lot has been done with it. Now, Deez Steeles has used Atom to ship an iPhoto-to-Typepad tool that directly exports pictures that are retouched, selected and organized in Apple's iPhoto to Movable Type's Typepad blogging service. That's pretty sweet.
I'm digging the new Atom API interface to typepad. I have just completed a prototype of an iPhoto2Typepad interface. That means that its now possible to select photos in iPhoto and directly export into a Typepad Photo Album. This is basically my Holy Grail of digital photo convenience. Now the same program we use to import, and organise our pictures can send them right to Typep

Link (via Dive Into Mark) [Boing Boing Blog]

Coolio - we're getting closer.  Too bad I don't blog with TypePad or use a Mac.

But I do play one in a Soap Opera.

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banned from Orkut?.

I keep hearing about folks who have been kicked off or "jailed" from Orkut. I'd love to hear more about this. Who all is getting banned? Why? Are you given explanations? What happens when you try to fight?


Try to fight.  Why would I do that? If some system wants to fuck around with me - let them.  I remember everything.

When it comes time for asking for money - guess who gets laughed at?

Being jailed 3 times in one week - makes me feel proud.  There's only one thing better than gaming a system.  Getting caught and having everyone else find out about it.

We have an Orkut Community called Jail - BTW - for all you jailbirds out there.  No explanation yet - though it appears it's not just for friend establishing. Some are getting jailed for too many scrap submissions.

danah and Doc are tied at 135 friends each.  Me I'm up to: over 300 (big #) and 267 (small #.)

Now it seems I'm in jail - for THE THIRD TIME!

And when I tried to get back on, it announced:

Bad, bad server. No donut for you

Which I don't think has anything to do with me or the SuperBowl - or even Krispy Kreme.  I've been in jail so much the past week - I'm starting to feel like the James Brown of social networking.

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