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Lunar Land Grab: Celestial Real Estate Sales Soar
More than 2.5 million people from 180 countries have bought property on the Moon and Mars in sales that reached $1 million last year. The scheme is bogus, legal scholars argue, but business is booming and futurists have been forced to ponder the fate of celestial property rights. >>READ MORE

Twin Mars Rovers Signal New Age Of Exploration
PASADENA, Calif. -- At far-flung locations on Mars, two wheeled robots have begun a history-making quest to explore the red planet. Mars exploration is, factually, on a roll as never before. >>READ MORE

Prominent Business Leaders, Scientists on Bush's Mars-Moon Commission
President George W. Bush announced Friday the business leaders, scientists and other spaceflight experts who will advise him on how to carry out the specifics of his new vision for putting humans back on the Moon and eventually on Mars. >>READ MORE

Progress Freighter Docks at Space Station
A fresh load of food, fuel and supplies reached the International Space Station on Wednesday, allowing the orbiting outpost to continue to operate while waiting for NASA's shuttle fleet to return to flight. >>READ MORE

NFL Plans Columbia Tribute at Super Bowl XXXVIII
HOUSTON -- With Super Bowl XXXVIII being played today on the one-year anniversary of the Columbia tragedy, and in the home base city of NASA's astronaut corps, the National Football League is going to extraordinary lengths to honor the lost heroes of STS-107. >>READ MORE

Commentary: 'It's Time to Soar Again'
NASA's Shuttle Program Faces its Future
Opportunity Successfully Rolls Onto Mars' Surface
NASA Seeks $16.2 Billion; Cuts Shuttle, Station, Next Generation Launch Tech Programs
Senator Repeats Plea for Hubble Reprieve, But Realistic About Outcome
Opportunity to Roll Onto Mars Surface Saturday
Soyuz May Be Only Transport for Future ISS Crews
The Hare and the Dove
NASA Chief: Hubble Decision Under Review
Spirit on the Mend: But Despite Delicate Surgery, Far From Fixed
NASA Sets Aside Day to Honor Astronauts
Progress Freighter En Route to Space Station
Spirit Sends First Photo Since Troubles Began
Student Astronauts Celebrate Opportunity and Keep Spirits Up
Fly My Stuff to the Moon: Private Mission Slated for Fall Launch
Seeing the Invisible Colors of Mars
U.S Lawmakers Question Cost of New NASA Vision
Opportunity Ready to Rock and Roll
NASA's Second Hyper-X Plane Prepares for Flight
Spirited Salute to Fallen Apollo 1 Crew
Thinking on Mars: The Brains of NASA's Red Planet Rovers
NFL Commissioner Chats with ISS Crew
Opportunity Closing in on Scientific Jackpot
X-ray Echo: Astronomers Catch Remnants of Cosmic Shout
Spirit's Hidden Secrets: Trapped Within the Rover, Unique Data Captured with Mars Express

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