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     Getting started  

Welcome to hiplogs, blogging with hiptop. Here's what you do: Send mail from your hiptop to hiplog@hiplog.com. That's it! You're blogging!

What, you want more details?

You create a hiplog by sending mail. You don't need to fill out a form or register here on this site. Just use your hiptop to write an email message and send it. The subject of your message becomes the title of your blog entry. The body of the message becomes the entry content. Any snapshots you attach to the message show up in the entry. You must use your hiptop or the mail application in the Desktop Interface to send your entries.

There's a usage agreement that you accept if you blog on hiptop.com. You should read the usage agreement in advance to get an idea of what you're in for.

     More details  

When you send your first entry, you'll receive a welcome message telling you your user name and password on this site. Log in here to edit entries, change your password, change your hiplog title, or write an introduction for your hiplog. This username and password is not the same as your forum user name and password.

Your hiplog's title starts out as the subject of the first message you send, and its introductory text is the text of the first message. You can change the title and introduction any time by logging in and following the Manage your blog link.

Your hiplog headlines can be syndicated on other news sites using your blog's RSS channel. RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a standard way for blog sites to share information with each other. The XML image on your hiplog page links to the RSS channel for your hiplog. Look for this image: XML


You can add some spice to your hiplog with BBCode. You can add basic text formatting, insert links, or display images that aren't hiptop snapshots. Your hiplog supports these BBCodes:

[color=(name or code)]colored text[/color]
[font=family]different font[/font]
[size=#]font size[/size]
[url=http://www.example.com/]link text[/url]

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