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About us
First Annual IA Slam

The Workshop with a Winner
Friday, short (but intense) half-day session

at the ASIST IA Summit in Austin, TX, February 27, 2004


Moderators/presenters/referees: Lynn Boyden, Chris Chandler, Matthew Fetchko, Eric Reiss (Who the heck are they?)


What’s a “slam”?
Mr. Dahlgren from GencoolThe IA Slam has its historical roots in performance poetry reading, takes several important cues from interactive theater, and then blends in its own special mix of practical know-how and business savvy to create a unique and challenging competitive event for information architects and user-experience experts.


Get specific. What’s it all about?
In this hands-on collaborative workshop – an IA Summit first – we're not looking for another damned IA definition, we're looking for results – and we promise a clear-cut winner. The Internet was founded on the concept of collaboration, and this session adds the rhetorical spices ethos, pathos, and logos, coupled with a deadline from hell. (See our Rules of Engagement for details).


You call that “specific”? Get on with it!
During the workshop, participants will be teamed and introduced to a full-fledged hypothetical project, including appropriate client-side deliverables. They’ll then have an opportunity to interview key players on the client’s team. The session will conclude with proposal presentations from each of the groups to the "clients" and the assembled audience.


The outcome(s) of the workshop will be presented to the rest of the conference attendees the next day, when the winning presentation will be named by the moderators and bragging rights will be awarded.


This exercise gives participants a chance to share their techniques, ideas, and points of view - and allows people with a passion to "put their money where their mouth is." The "point" is not the point, the point is the information architecture.


  Mr. Dahlgren leads a hands-on-experience


What’s in it for me?
This is a chance for interested IAs to extend (or end) some of the more volatile online discussions - to get their hands dirty working side by side with colleagues from around the world as they tackle tough business problems. Knowledge transfer, technique sharing, and a social atmosphere makes this session stand out from the garden-variety “lecture-and-powerpoint” presentation.


Hey, I thought good web writing meant lots of bullet points
In a nutshell, this is what it’s all about:

  • An interactive adventure for IAs and UXs
  • Fun
  • Educational
  • Cheap (only 175 bucks)
  • A chance to strut your stuff before colleagues and potential employers

I still couldn’t care less.
So check out who’s running the show. Or the Rules of Engagement. Or one of the other pre-conferences.


Ready to sign up? Check out the official ASIST conference site.