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Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi What Is Enlightenment? performs an essential function in our time, awakening people to the plight of the planet and to their own great sacred potential. Andrew Cohen, an inspired exemplar of his teaching, has in a broad and ecumenical way opened the pages of his journal to prophetic voices from diverse sources who represent the world's sacred lineages.

Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi
World Wisdom Chair, Naropa University
Founder, ALEPH Alliance for Jewish Renewal

Elizabeth Lesser Hardhitting, opinionated, smart, and uniquenot words one would usually associate with a "spiritual" magazine. But that's what this magazine pulls off. You may not always agree with its articles, but you will always be challenged to think, feel, and seek with more clarity and depth.

Elizabeth Lesser
Cofounder, Omega Institute
Author of The Seeker's Guide

Ken Wilber I believe that What Is Enlightenment? is perhaps the finest magazine available on the topic of spirituality, modern and ancient. What Is Enlightenment? asks all the right questions, the really hard questions; it is not afraid to challenge sacred cows or postmodern clichés; it cuts through to the very heart of the matter. And it begins to offer answers to those most crucial questions.

Ken Wilber
Founder, Integral Institute
Author of A Brief History of Everything

Jose Cabezon A provocative and challenging periodical that really makes you think ... a model for what "spiritual" journalism should be.

Jose Cabezon
Chair in Tibetan Buddhism, University of California, Santa Barbara

What Is Enlightenment? magazine is courageous, inclusive, and penetrating in its exploration of questions vital to our time of global spiritual awakening.

Duane Elgin
Cofounder, Our Media Voice and Choosing Our Future
Author of Voluntary Simplicity and Promise Ahead

Father Basil Pennington If anything is going to bring our world together in peace, it is the deeper movements of the spirit. What Is Enlightenment?, with its insightful and well-prepared articles and searching interviews, makes a most significant contribution to this unifying movement of the spirit. Beauty and even elegance, with wisdom and depth.

Father Basil Pennington
Abbot, Holy Spirit Abbey, Conyers, GA
Author of Centering Prayer and In Search of True Wisdom

Roshi Bernard Glassman What Is Enlightenment? is a must read for anyone interested in the conscious evolution of the planet.

Roshi Bernard Glassman
Founder, the Greystone Foundation and Peacemaker Community
Author of Bearing Witness: A Zen Master's Lessons in Making Peace

Here is a magazine that claims to inquire into the most important spiritual questions of our time, and I can say with conviction: IT DOES. What Is Enlightenment? magazine sets high standards for honest inquiry and clear writing. Better still: it meets these standards. I keep looking forward to each new issue.

Brother David Steindl-Rast, OSB
Former Chair, Thorpe Lectureship, Cornell University
Cofounder, Center for Spiritual Studies
Author of A Listening Heart and The Music of Silence

Dr. Jean Houston What Is Enlightenment? is an evocative and soul-charging magazine that gives the reader news of the universe within.

Dr. Jean Houston
Founder, The Mystery School and The Foundation for Mind Research
Author of A Passion for the Possible and A Mythic Life

What Is Enlightenment? magazine is a unique forum for inquiry that goes deeper and reaches further than any other spiritual magazine I know. I strongly recommend it.

Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D.
Frank Knox Fellow, Harvard University
Author of A New Science of Life and The Presence of the Past

What is Enlightenment? has quickly established itself as the most exciting and provocative spirituality magazine available. I confess I was skeptical when the first issue came out. Was this going to be just a platform for a specific spiritual teacher or a broadbased exploration of fundamental issues? To my joy the latter has proven to be the case. I have been stimulated and, yes, enlightened by the articles and interviewseven when disagreeing with specifics or individual perspectives presented. By giving so many a voice for sharing their truths, What Is Enlightenment? has become a leader in religious publishing.

Steven Scholl
Publisher, White Cloud Press
Editor, Common Era: Best Writings on New Religion

What Is Enlightenment? is a valuable tool in this new age of the third millennium in which the process of awakening seems to be accelerating for a large number of people. Opening up the important issues of our time related to the spiritual life, it has a way of going to the heart of the matter.

Brother Wayne Teasdale, Ph.D.
Author of The Mystic Heart
Cofounder, Synthesis Dialogues moderated by the Dalai Lama
Council Board Member, The Parliament of World's Religions

Roshi Vernon Kitabu Turner What Is Enlightenment? magazine is cosmic. It takes the most profound spiritual question of our existence to explore in ever more creative ways, packaging the responses in a beautifully designed and well-written publication. Its pages invite us to journey in the footsteps of myriad seekers, to dare to open our minds to different thought. It's more than a good read, it's a mind-expanding adventure.

Roshi Vernon Kitabu Turner
Author of Soul Sword: The Way and Mind of a Zen Warrior

Frankly, What Is Enlightenment? is the best magazine available today in America on the spiritual and new integrative paradigm frontier.

Amit Goswami, Ph.D.
Institute of Theoretical Science, University of Oregon
Author of The Self Aware Universe and The Visionary Window

What Is Enlightenment? magazine is one of the few resources where anyone can obtain a realistic picture of the ultimate purposes of human endeavor, as well as the requirements and challenges involved. It provides a much needed airing out of woolly thinking and romantic notions about everything connected with the spiritual dimension of life.

Marshall Govindan
Author of Kriya Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Siddhas

What Is Enlightenment? offers excellent articles on topics relevant to genuine spiritual seekersauthentic, uncompromising, the articles challenge readers to clarify their attitudes and understanding about spiritual life.

Jeff Cox
President, Snow Lion Publications

Who would have imagined "enlightenment" to be a suitable theme to sustain a successful magazine? Yet each issue of What Is Enlightenment? is packed with fresh takes on the most ancient discussion running. Andrew Cohen is relentless in his persistence in bringing the Truth to light. I appreciate his candor, professionalism, and creativity in bringing an always astonishing array of celebrated and enlightened minds together in each issue to bear fruit through the printed word.

Carol Bedrosian
Publisher, Spirit of Change magazine

I have found What Is Enlightenment? to be evocative and creative in its inquiry into the meaning and mystery of enlightenment. [10 years in print] in itself says a lot about having successfully tapped a vital consideration for a growing number of people.

Richard Moss, M.D.
Author of The Black Butterfly and The Second Miracle

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