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5 Feb 2004 - Bernd Blaauw has released the FreeDOS Beta9 pre-release4 distribution. Get it at ibiblio.

13 Aug 2003 - We are currently in a "patch and cleanup" cycle. Aitor has updated the "TODO" list of things that seem missing. See the v.1.0 TODO list.

Warning: ASUS motherboards and FreeDOS! There is a broken FreeDOS installer on the CD-ROM that is shipped with ASUS P4PE and P4s8x-x motherboards: Technote196. See also Technote211.

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FreeDOS Beta9 pre-release4 distribution
5 Feb 2004 by jhall
Bernd Blaauw writes: This 4th prerelease has finally seen daylight in order to have recent packages distributed together and features many updates. Highlight of this release is that you can consider FAT32 formatting no longer experimental. Another important thing is the ability to easily build a bootdisk. (for experimenting it can create a dualboot disk if you insert a win98 bootdisk, instead of an empty diskette) The cdrom features a more intuitive installation process by automatically determining in which phase of the installation you are (partitioning, formatting, installing, transfer system files) finally, HIMEM & EMM386 drivers have been improved thanks to mr Michael Devore and other contributors. Please have a look at the readme file for detailed disk layout and RAM usage information. This is a prerelease because it provides only the Base diskset and the corresponding sources for it. If the FreeDOS 1.0 ToDo list is empty enough, maybe the next release will be FreeDOS beta9, just before a FreeDOS 1.0 distribution. Download it here: (download). More mirror sites will be added in the next few days - a number of sites already mirror the files archive from ibiblio, so I need to wait for those to get refreshed.

FreeDOS in the real world
5 Feb 2004 by jhall
David Jarvis of ULTRAsmart writes about his project to use FreeDOS with PLC: I have just developed the first version of a "soft" PLC designed to run on FreeDOS. You may wish to go to my site to check out "What is a PLC" and about the software itself. This software is mostly aimed at the hobbyist or enthusiast electronics, robotics, automation/control audience. I recommend FreeDOS. Just another example of the very real world uses, and value of FreeDOS. Thank you to the FreeDOS community for a stable, fast, operating system.

FreeDOS move version 3.1
3 Feb 2004 by jhall
Imre Leber writes: I am please to anounce a new version of FreeDOS move. This version has the following two changes: - You can now supply any combination of comma and space to specify a number of sources. eg. move 1.txt, 2.txt ,3.txt 4.txt *.doc; and - When prompted to overwrite there is now also the possibility to skip all following overwrites or to accept all following overwrites. You can find the sources at: (src) and the executable at: (exe) This has also been mirrored at ibiblio.

Alternative MODE/MODECON (updated)
2 Feb 2004 by jhall
Eric Auer writes: I have updated my new MODE with builtin codepage things: mode-modecon-02feb2004.zip. You can now use it to change NUMLOCK / CAPSLOCK / SCROLLLOCK / SWITCHAR, which is a feature inspired by "classic FreeDOS MODE". I hope it actually works (method: modify 40:17, then call int 16.2 to update shift and LED state). Feedback welcome. Other update is that you can select 28 line mode and "this mode but with 8x8 font" / "... but with 8x14 font" / "... but with 8x16 font", for example: MODE co80,8 would select the current 80x?? mode but change the font to 8x8. [...] What is not supported yet (but is supported by "classic" FreeDOS MODE): - printer redirection - infinite printer retry - baud rates 14400 and 28800 (others depending on your BIOS with my MODE) (Read more..) This special version of MODE/MODECON has been mirrored at ibiblio. The official FreeDOS MODE is also available at ibiblio.
Update: (5 Feb 2004) Eric has posted a new version of MODE/MODECON: Hi, at http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/specials/ mode-modecon-04feb2004.zip you can now find a version of my new MODE with support for: - DISPLAY codepage operations for CON - the usual non-resident LPTn / COMn configuration things - the usual screen mode selection things, including "just change the font" - typematic rate setting - keyboard caps/scroll/num lock setting - switchar setting - printer redirection NEEDS TO BE TESTED - retry=p mode for infinite printer retry if busy NEEDS TO BE TESTED - status display with printer / serial port status and screen setup info. If the tests are okay, this mode can do "all" things which the classic FreeDOS MODE could do (except 14400/28800 baud setting and resident old style harddisk parking feature and typematic rate locking feature). (Read more..) Also available at ibiblio.

FreeDOS kernel build 2033
31 Jan 2004 by jhall
Bart Oldeman has released the latest version of the FreeDOS kernel: The newest FreeDOS kernel is up at sourceforge now, at the usual places. The emphasis for this release was on fixing bugs. The short list of changes: (bugs fixed:) - 1712 findfirst returns wrong filename[0] in TP 7 - 1722 "COPY X+Y Z" which makes drive overfull causes corruption - 1729 int21 func 3d (open handle) doesn't work for char device - 1730 int 0x21 func 0x44 (ioctl) has problem with char devices - 1737 external stdin stdout filter fails in BP7 IDE (grep2msg) - fix when DosUpChar() is called via CharMapSrvc with DS != SS - ctty now works without funny characters repairing onscreen. - sys corrects sectors/track, head and hidden sector values in the boot sector when appropriate - FAT32 kernels now ignore the high word of cluster numbers on FAT16 partitions (as they should) - Use a table so that FATs won't be too big for FAT32 partitions. - Improve FAT size calculations - fix problem with creating r/o files - fix int2f/ax=1216. Affects Artz Praxis Wiegand, a German program for medical doctors. - fixes for multisegmented device drivers, in particular DUSE - fix FCB problems with int21/ah=27,28 (RandomBlockIO) - fix boot sector problems with largish FAT12 partitions. (new features:) - sys now has a /L option to specify the kernel load segment - the SET command is now supported in config.sys. - allow 0 as a menu item in fullscreen menus - the kernel prints a message to run chkdsk if it ever has to encounters invalid cluster numbers in the FAT - added (basic) support for the following int2f functions: ax=1211h NORMALIZE ASCIZ FILENAME ax=1220h (get job file table entry). also affects APW. ax=4a33h CHECK MS-DOS VERSION 7; necessary for SpinRite (Steve Gibson). This release is also available at ibiblio.

New UDMA 6.8 is out
31 Jan 2004 by jhall
Lucho writes to announce: the new UDMA 6.8 is out (see web site). Besides the ubiquitous optimisations, the main news in it is that especially for some badly written BIOS's pretending to meet but *not* meeting the EDD standard, a special hardware-only scan mode has been added. If anyone can test it on the latest Intel south bridge, 82801EB (ICH-5), please do so. We're pretty confident that it'll work, but our beta-tester with such a chip vanished and we'd like to add this chip to our "hardware compatibility list" (HCL). A .zip version of this release has also been mirrored at ibiblio.

FORMAT 0.91n released (updated: 0.91o)
28 Jan 2004 by jhall
Eric Auer writes: Hi, at format-0.91n.zip you can now find FreeDOS FORMAT 0.91n. Changes: made the changes from 0.91m to 0.91M official (extra Win98 checks), added /Z:longhelp for extra verbose (3 screen pages long) help screen, added some floppy tweaking (the old 720k in 1440k drive problem). I am told that 0.91m did work for 360k (only seems to work if you use an HD medium if drive is 1200k???), 400k, 1200k, 1440k, 1680k, 1743k. The tester has an 1200k and an 1440k drive, so no idea about performance on 360k and 720k drives. Chances are that 720k in 1440k drive still does not work, but you never know (just added some more tweaks!). [..] I need TESTERS and I have the bad feeling that running FORMAT under Win98 kernel still creates BROKEN filesystems! I only HOPE that it got better, but got no feedback yet. By the way, at least on MY system, 720k in 1440k drive still does not work (lowlevel format, that is - if you formatted to 720k with something else, the quick / logical format should actually work...). (Read more..) This has also been mirrored at ibiblio.
Update: (30 Jan 2004) Eric has posted an update to this version of FORMAT: I have uploaded FORMAT 0.91n again. The changes are: - floppy format gives up earlier on track 0 troubles; - floppy format diagnostics now are less verbose; - saving mirror / unformat data gives up earlier on write errors. So basically it is the same FORMAT but it is less verbose esp. in /D mode. If you downloaded FORMAT 0.91n, you should grab the latest update from his site, also at ibiblio.
Update: (3 Feb 2004) Eric has released an updated version of FORMAT, bringing it to version 0.91o: Changes: - progress indicator for scanning of existing FAT and for mirroring now uses percentage display (less output) - added another check for Win9x: Root directory chain starts at cluster 2 if Win9x suggests cluster 0 (nothing). I really hope that this finally allows FORMAT to create working FAT32 filesystems *even* under Win9x kernels... - no longer trying to find existing FAT32 format on floppy - faster mirror function: now using multi sector I/O useful for both floppy (slow seek) and FAT32 (huge partititons) - the "allow ESC at last moment if /D mode and floppy" is now suppressed by /Y (more consistent, /Y is "no prompts" mode) (Read more..) This has also been mirrored at ibiblio.

Slight EDIT update - EDIT 0.7a
24 Jan 2004 by jhall
Eric Auer has posted an updated to the FreeDOS Edit program. Eric writes: Hi, I have modified EDIT a bit. Changes: New hotkeys ^N new ^O open ^S save Time display should now use country setting to decide am/pm & 24h display and proper separator (e.g. 23.59.59 & 11:59:59pm), blinking got fixed and alignment of time display for 1-digit hour values got fixed. A crash when displaying an error message for files >64000 bytes got fixed. Hope all fixes really do what they should do . Changed source files: readme, edit.lsm, edit.txt (source of edit.hlp), message.c (clock), dflat.h (version string), menus.c (new hotkeys), editbox.c (exclude new hotkeys from verbatim typing), calendar.c (now displays sth. like "ctrl-f4 to close"), edit.c (big file error message). edit07a.zip This has also been mirrored at ibiblio.

DOSEMU 1.2.0 released
20 Jan 2004 by jhall
DOSEmu is, of course, a PC emulator geared especially for DOS, so you can run your DOS applications under a UNIX system like Linux. DOSEmu version 1.2.0 has just been posted! Bart Oldeman writes: This release fixes many bugs (including security-related issues if DOSEMU is suid root) with respect to the previous stable release. It has easier configuration and installation from source, Unicode support, joystick support, fullscreen support in X, xterm mouse support (including Putty), large file support for file locking, and shows the running DOS program in X and xterm title bars. Many improvements were made to the DPMI support, sound support (SB16/Midi), VGA emulation in X, console support, networking(TUN/TAP), PIC emulation, terminal support, and I/O performance. Refer to www.dosemu.org/stable for more details.

New OpenWatcom 1.2
19 Jan 2004 by jhall
It's been mentioned on the lists somewhat, but a more public news item here seemed a good idea. SciTech announced that Open Watcom 1.2 has been released and is now available for download from the web site. This release contains a large number of new features, product enhancements and several fixes designed to bring Open Watcom to a higher level of quality and compatibility. Download version 1.2 here: (downloads). Read the announcement and "what's new" here: (announcement).

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