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Lotto Canuck
Tuesday, Sep. 30, 2003
Today, BC Lottery and the Vancouver Canucks announced a new lottery that will see the NHL team reap an extra 2 million a year in revenue. Why does a professional sports team that pays their players millions of dollars per year AND is coming off one of their most succesful seasons ever need an extra 2 million a year? I think they've secretly hired a new head coach - former Federal Privacy Commisioner George Radwanski - and the 2 mil will just about cover Radwanski's yearly expenses. Why not? Radwanski is just as qualified to coach an NHL team as he is to head a government agency.
"Irrefutable Evidence" of WMD?
Thursday, Sep. 18, 2003
It is obvious that the American and British governments lied and there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In Britain, pressure is on Tony Blair over the "sexed-up" dossier, while in the US, it is Colin Powell's presentation to the UN on February 5th, 2003 that is under the microscope, a presentation that many see as crucial to sway American public opinion.

Charles J. Hanley of the Associated Press has taken a critical look at the claims Powell made during that presentation and finds that, in retrospect, they just don't stand up. In the days after the presentation, editorial after editorial came out praising Powell's presentation as "credible and persuasive", "devastating", and "irrefutable". Editor and Publisher has called this media complicity "a depressing case study of journalistic shirking of responsibility" and spells out just how most American media rolled over and blindly accepted Powell's exagerated claims.
Blame Canada
Thursday, Sep. 11, 2003
Canada and the United States have a funny relationship. In Canada, analyzing that relationship is almost as popular as hockey (and sometimes just as bloody). We Canadians like to point out that we are different than Americans, while most Americans are convinced we are the same. Most Americans, except for Samantha Bennett of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I think she likes Canucks. At least that's the feeling you get when you read her article It's Not Just The Weather That's Cooler in Canada.
You live next door to a clean-cut, quiet guy. He never plays loud music or throws raucous parties. He doesn't gossip over the fence, just smiles politely and offers you some tomatoes. His lawn is cared-for, his house is neat as a pin and you get the feeling he doesn't always lock his front door. He wears Dockers. You hardly know he's there.

And then one day you discover that he has pot in his basement, spends his weekends at peace marches and that guy you've seen mowing the yard is his spouse.

Allow me to introduce Canada.
You can read Samantha Bennett's entire article on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website.
Aljazeera Online
Sunday, Sep. 07, 2003
Last March, Aljazeera, the Arab language cable news network based in Qatar, tried to launch an English language website. That site was up for one day, hacked and taken down. Since then, the site has been quiet. Until this week when a new Aljazeera English website debuted.

Meanwhile, the CRTC has received over 3000 submissions and interventions to a Call for Comment it issued in the Spring regarding Aljazeera and whether or not the channel should be added to the stable of channels Canadian cable companies offer their customers.

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