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Welcome to
The Diarist's Journal
Web Page

Parts of this webpage updated on 11-26-03.
Always hit refresh to make sure you have the newest updates. (If you've been here before your browser may have stored the old info in a cache and until you hit refresh you'll only see the old stuff.)

The Diarist's Journal is a print periodical, not an online magazine.
The first issue was released in October 2002. Three issues are published each year. Currently Issue #4 is expected to hit the printer early next week and be in the mail by mid-December. For more information on particular issues click the images below. (I'll get some info and a photo of the cover of #4 sometime before it hits the mail - but no need to wait! Order yours today! Makes a great Holiday gift for the writers in your life!)
For other info please use the links to the left.

Issue #3                                    Issue #4

Fake and Fictional Diaries and More!             Image and info coming soon

Issue #1                                    Issue #2

First Issue!             Second Issue has a color cover!