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Alan Keyes
On the establishment of religion: What the Constitution really says

Curtis Dahlgren
From "mystical memories" to high-tech trash: America, please phone home!

Andy Obermann
Our faltering values

Jonathan David Morris
CBS and the FCC: Is America big enough for both?

Sharon Hughes
When idols fall

Jan Ireland
Character and integrity matter toward the Second Amendment

Robert Meyer
The myth of neutrality

Doug Hagin
Abortion's dark side -- Part 2

Dennis Campbell
"The Passion": a message of love, an opportunity to hate

Judson Cox
North Carolina welcomes terrorists

Fred Hutchison
Narcissism and the culture war

Mary Mostert
Sen. John Kerry 1997 vs Sen. John Kerry 2004 on Iraq's WMD

Peter & Helen Evans
What kids can learn from John Q


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Oliver Olinger column

Oliver Olinger

Oliver J. Olinger, 24, spent four years in the Marine Corps at the Defense Language Institute, where he served as an Arabic Linguist and assisted in the development of an Arabic Grammar / Computer Assisted Studies department. He is interested in philosophy, writing, and film-making and would like to become a successful conservative film director. He can be contacted at OJOdirector@aol.com

Liberal Hollywood?
Oliver Olinger
July 22, 2003

Time and time again, I've heard a number of conservative commentators, radio hosts, analysts, etc., complain about "liberal Hollywood." What they should be . . .

A=A logic
Oliver Olinger
July 6, 2003

Almost everyone is familiar with the Aristotelian syllogism: If A=B and B=C then A=C. However, the difficulty lies (under the label of liberalism) in the . . .

Oliver Olinger
June 13, 2003

Have you ever heard someone say, "Every family should just have one kid so we can fix the population problem." Assuming you're in the mood to win an argument . . .

Palestinian word games
Oliver Olinger
June 2, 2003

The current "Road Map" to peace provides a pristine example of the very weaknesses that our enemy is exploiting. They are using our inherent sympathies for the . . .

The minimum standard: inaction
Oliver Olinger
May 16, 2003

As we continually devalue religion, and consequently the high standards involved with religion, we usher in an era of constantly dropping minimum standards. In . . .

The bigotry of the anti-cannibalist on July 4th, 2015 (a satire)
Oliver Olinger
May 10, 2003

Recently, a certain right-wing extremist senator (who needs no introduction) compared cannibalism to murder, rape, and thievery. This vicious attack on a . . .

Liberal anti-science
Oliver Olinger
March 13, 2003

The word science generally suggests a degree of study, research, observation, and experimenting aimed toward advancing human society. Most recently, however, . . .

The New Crusade
Oliver Olinger
February 18, 2003

Any attempt at finding irrefutable proof of links between Iraq (or any other Muslim nation) and the Al-Qaeda terrorist network is an exercise in futility, as . . .

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