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Hans Zeiger column

Hans Zeiger

Hans Zeiger, 18, an Eagle Scout, is an outspoken advocate on behalf of Scouting with the Scout Honor Coalition. He is a Seattle Times columnist and chairman of Washington Young Americans for Freedom. He can be contacted at hanszeiger@yahoo.com. Click here for more information.

Failing public schools
Hans Zeiger
February 7, 2004

"All men by nature desire to know," said Aristotle. Either Aristotle was wrong, or public education is failing to awaken the academic desires of American . . .

Punk rock baby killers
Hans Zeiger
January 30, 2004

In its dirge entitled, "Generation Lost," the punk rock band Rise Against screams, "Getting trampled under boots of progess / Ignore the pleading of the . . .

The lost generation: 31 years of Roe v. Wade
Hans Zeiger
January 21, 2004

In a sad sort of way, I am blessed to have survived the year 1985. That was the year I was born, and the year that 1.6 million of my fellow American citizens . . .

The ACLU vs. the Boy Scouts
Hans Zeiger
January 14, 2004

The ACLU needs a new summer camp for its young folks, preferably in San Diego's Balboa Park. The PC Scouts, as we'll call them, will head off to Balboa to . . .

God and man at college
Hans Zeiger
January 8, 2004

In 1951, William F. Buckley exposed Yale University's declining spirituality in his best-selling book "God and Man at Yale." Buckley wrote that his university . . .

The missing Christmas tree
Hans Zeiger
December 19, 2003

The other day I returned to my old high school for its annual alumni assembly, an event that always occurs the week before Christmas as an excuse for hundreds . . .

The degenerate generation
Hans Zeiger
December 12, 2003

A new study by the British Medical Association finds that young people in Great Britain are living dangerously when it comes to eating, drinking, mental health, . . .

How the Left stole Christmas
Hans Zeiger
December 5, 2003

A student at Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis emailed me to say that a 12-foot decorated Christmas tree disappeared from her school atrium on . . .

Islamizing our schools
Hans Zeiger
November 30, 2003

At Royal Oak Intermediate School in Covina, California, students in Len Cesene's seventh grade history class fasted last week to celebrate the Muslim holy month . . .

Divided way: Texas United Way cuts off scouts
Hans Zeiger
November 15, 2003

Next year, the Capitol Area Council of the Boy Scouts in Austin, Texas will lose nearly $160,000 in allocated funding from the United Way Capitol Area. On . . .

Free Iowa State from bondage
Hans Zeiger
November 8, 2003

In 2000, students at Iowa State University founded the Cuffs organization to celebrate the deviant sexual practices of "bondage," "discipline," "dominance,"  . . .

The Democrat danger zone
Hans Zeiger
October 31, 2003

Downtown Detroit, Michigan is not exactly known for being a safe place. It was a particularly dangerous city this past week when all ten Democratic candidates . . .

The college slavery tour
Hans Zeiger
October 24, 2003

Fresh from his failed California gubernatorial campaign, pornographer Larry Flynt recently lectured at college campuses around the country as part of an effort . . .

A defense of home schooling
Hans Zeiger
October 18, 2003

Next on CBS Evening News — "How children nationwide have been put in danger, even killed, while homeschooling." Last Monday, CBS featured a special report . . .

Clinton and character
Hans Zeiger
October 10, 2003

When I was nine years old, I didn't consider Bill Clinton much of a role model. I saved an 18-point list I compiled in 1994 titled, "Bad Bill: Problems with the . . .

America without Jesus
Hans Zeiger
October 2, 2003

When administrators of Saint Edward State Park in Kenmore, Washington launched an engraved brick fundraiser to build a playground, Dan and Olga Buchanan put in  . . .

Shutting down the Scouts
Hans Zeiger
September 25, 2003

"A Scout is trustworthy." But the City of Philadelphia isn't keeping a 75-year old promise to the Boy Scouts. In 1928, the Philadelphia City Council took note . . .

Free speech on campus?
Hans Zeiger
September 10, 2003

For a generation, America's vast system of higher education has become known for its increasing intolerance of free speech when it comes to conservative ideas. . . .

Will Arnold support the Boy Scouts?
Hans Zeiger
September 4, 2003

While the state of California was distracted by the governor’s race last week, the California legislature passed a resolution haranguing the Boy Scouts for . . .

War against the cross
Hans Zeiger
August 27, 2003

If the “illegal” Ten Commandments are not the symbol of Western Civilization and morality, the Cross of Jesus Christ is. It too is considered a dangerous figure . . .

God bless Judge Roy Moore
Hans Zeiger
August 19, 2003

In a recent piece of hate mail, I was taken to task for using the term “God-given rights.” “GOD doesn't give rights; the CONSTITUTION does,” wrote the critic . . .

Pledge allegiance to the ACLU
Hans Zeiger
August 13, 2003

The Pledge of Allegiance is doing irreparable harm to the minds and hearts of America’s schoolchildren. So alleges an ACLU lawsuit against the State of Colorado . . .

ACLU ruins Boy Scout camp
Hans Zeiger
August 2, 2003

As hundreds of Boy Scouts were enjoying summer camp at Camp Balboa in San Diego last week, the ACLU was handed a U.S. District Court ruling condemning the . . .

The Ten Commandments exterminators
Hans Zeiger
July 25, 2003

The Ten Commandment exterminators are out in full force. All around America, public displays of the Ten Commandments are the object of lawsuits, ACLU threats, . . .

No charity for the Boy Scouts
Hans Zeiger
July 19, 2003

What organization is more despicable and vile than the ACLU, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Public Citizen, Greenpeace, the National Abortion . . .

Anger management for Michael Savage
Hans Zeiger
July 9, 2003

Michael Savage deserved to be booted from MSNBC this week for telling a homosexual caller that he should “get AIDS and die.” His remarks were truly bigoted and . . .

Why the Left hates the Declaration of Independence
Hans Zeiger
July 5, 2003

Since I was six years old, a poster of the Declaration of Independence has hung on my bedroom wall. That’s one reason why I turned out to be a young . . .

The difference between the Boy Scouts and the Taliban
Hans Zeiger
July 2, 2003

The Philadelphia Daily News owes a big apology to the Boy Scouts of America. Last week, the Daily News ran an editorial asking, “What’s the difference between . . .

The dying American family
Hans Zeiger
June 27, 2003

The American family is dying a terrible death while in a coma on pain-killers. On Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that sodomy is a right. The way . . .

Teach citizenship in public schools
Hans Zeiger
June 21, 2003

Noah Webster, the guy who wrote the dictionary, was of the opinion that the American education system should be structured to train students in citizenship. An . . .

The divided Class of 2003
Hans Zeiger
June 14, 2003

On Saturday, I will become the finished product of the public schools system. The past 2,340 school days since my first day of kindergarten have given me ample . . .

Privatize radical Leftist universities
Hans Zeiger
June 7, 2003

I consider myself an open-minded Christian conservative — I do tolerate the presentation of liberalism in various forms. But, like most of society, I value . . .

The end of the Boy Scouts in Philadelphia
Hans Zeiger
May 31, 2003

Philadelphia’s Cradle of Liberty Boy Scout Council self-destructed last week. Its executive board voted unanimously to include "sexual orientation" in its . . .

Don’t let the government pay for my higher education!
Hans Zeiger
May 24, 2003

When Joshua Davey of Spokane, Washington, was making plans to attend Northwest College in Kirkland, Washington, he was granted a $1,100 Washington Promise . . .

The battle for public school Bible clubs
Hans Zeiger
May 10, 2003

Last month, students at Kentridge High School south of Seattle filed a lawsuit against their school after being blocked from starting a Bible club. The students . . .

Moore is less: Left should look elsewhere for words of wisdom
Hans Zeiger
May 3, 2003

When filmmaker and author Michael Moore came to town last month, I had to be present to “welcome” him. I was fortunate to be joined at Shoreline College by . . .

The solution to all problems
Hans Zeiger
April 19, 2003

Tomorrow is Easter. Meanwhile, a glance at today’s New York Times registers some awful headlines. Tomorrow will bring more disgusting news, as yesterday did.  . . .

Mourning Rachel Corrie: a tragedy of the radical Left
Hans Zeiger
March 28, 2003

I had not intended to be at Rachel Corrie's memorial service last weekend. I had gone to The Evergreen State College for an entirely different reason. I did . . .

Protesting the protesters
Hans Zeiger
March 8, 2003

Sometimes, when the protestors gather in downtown Seattle, I like to show up with my flag. I admit I've spent more time at anti-war rallies than most other pro . . .

Socialism’s threat to liberty
Hans Zeiger
February 12, 2003

Ronald Reagan turned 92 last week. Reagan’s interest in cutting the size and scope of government seems to be mostly absent from the bully pulpit of the current . . .

The ghosts of infanticide: 30 years of Roe v. Wade
Hans Zeiger
January 20, 2003

In a sad sort of way, I am blessed to have survived the year 1985. That was the year I was born, and the year that 1.6 million of my fellow American citizens . . .

The definition of conservatism and the language of political identity
Hans Zeiger
January 5, 2003

From time to time, I have heard the question: does political philosophy match the tag often placed upon it by the contemporary lexicon? Are conservatism and . . .

Merry Christmas: a bad word
Hans Zeiger
December 23, 2002

This past week, I volunteered to hand out programs to attendees of my school’s seasonal music program. Though I have volunteered for this same task at several . . .

Thanksgiving in America: Have we forgotten God?
Hans Zeiger
November 27, 2002

My first exposure to the history of Thanksgiving holiday came in kindergarten when I learned about the pilgrims and the Indians. I recall my classroom feast in . . .

Boy Scouts have the right to set their own standards
Hans Zeiger
November 21, 2002

A scout is reverent. If not, he doesn't belong in the Boy Scouts of America. According to the Boy Scout Handbook, "A Scout is reverent toward God. He is . . .

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