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Florida's New Community Christian Center launches "A Call to Action"
Grassroots initiative will partner with RenewAmerica.us and others

December 1, 2003

RenewAmerica staff

On December 7, a grassroots "Call to Action" is being launched at the New Community Christian Center of Kissimmee, Florida, under the direction of Pastor Mike Delong.

"This clarion call to action is designed to alert Christians of all denominations of an unchecked assault on Christianity and persecution by secular humanistic intellectuals that is taking place across America," said Charles F. Wilson, one of the movement's organizers.

The goal of the movement, Wilson emphasized, "is to restore and secure our First Amendment rights. We must return the power to the people, who are the rightful owners of our democracy in the first place."

In addition, Wilson said, the movement seeks to help--

  • Stop our country's march toward becoming a secular nation;

  • Correct past abuses by our elected officials and the federal judiciary; and

  • End the relentless assault by godless, secular humanistic intellectuals on Christians, Christian symbols, and Christianity in general.

The effort is partnering with RenewAmerica.us--as well as other organizations and ministries that are mobilizing to restore religious liberty, following the forcible removal of a Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Supreme Court building in August.

Added Wilson, a supporter of former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore: "Every person and ministry can bring to the table a measure of help. For the individual, a mere vote for liberty and people of conscience, donations, and actively participating will suffice."

"Ministries that have resources that can be shared will help," he continued. "Other ministries that cannot share resources, for whatever reason, can help by announcing this movement and encouraging their members to support this effort."

In addition to educating and motivating the grassroots public, the movement aims to rally supporters for a massive First Amendment march in Washington, D.C., planned for the fall of 2004 in affiliation with other Christian and patriotic organizations, to curb the loss of religious freedom at the hands of the activist federal courts.

The movement features a built-in mechanism that, when followed, will duplicate itself and spread the movement across the country, say organizers. It is a simple solution to a complicated problem.

For more information on how you can duplicate the process and help spread this movement, see the instructions below.

Action items

Below are links to downloadable PDF items you can use to spread the grassroots movement, A Call to Action, sponsored by the New Community Christian Center of Kissimmee, Florida. Included are:
  1. RenewAmerica's brochure.

  2. "A Call to Action" letter by Charles F. Wilson.

  3. "Democracy in Action" letter by Charles F. Wilson.

  4. Dec. 2 e-mail to RenewAmerica supporters.

For best results, download and reproduce these items in color and on good paper stock.

Be sure to:
  • Make enough copies to distribute to friends, family, fellow church members, members from other churches, ministries that they support, etc. The items should be distributed anywhere and everywhere people can be found. Recipients should be encouraged to duplicate this effort, to make this movement dynamic.

  • Invite people to check out the Rally Schedule and support the rallies--and to Sign Up to help organize rallies of their own.

  • Encourage people to visit RenewAmerica.us often for periodic updates about the Ten Commandments movement, and about rally successes throughout the U.S.

You can contact Charles Wilson at CFWPMW@aol.com.