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RenewAmerica brochure available
Downloadable in PDF

December 6, 2003
RenewAmerica staff

RenewAmerica.us has recently created a brochure to help publicize the need for citizen action in the growing movement to restore religious liberty in America.

The brochure is an outgrowth of RenewAmerica's support for one particular citizen action project in Florida, led by Pastor Mike Delong and organizer Charles F. Wilson.

You can see the new brochure, which is available in PDF, by clicking here.

Please support the Florida initiative, "A Call to Action," which will be launched Dec. 7 at the New Community Christian Center in Kissimmee, Florida. Below is a letter from Charles Wilson to supporters of the initiative.


Thank you for your support. Please follow the three easy steps listed below:

  1. Make a minimum of ten copies of the RenewAmerica brochure and the two letters ("A Call to Action" and "Democracy in Action") and distribute them to your family and friends.

  2. After making copies, please give the originals to someone who will duplicate your efforts. Also, please request that they follow your example and give the originals to someone else when they have completed their printing.

  3. Please forward the e-mail to RenewAmerica supporters announcing the launch of the Call to Action, located on the www.RenewAmerica.us website, to everyone listed in your address book and request that they do the same.

We all have enjoyed the freedoms in this country that were fought for and won by ourselves and others in the past, and those of us who have served our country need to come together one more time and fight the good fight for the next generation. We cannot allow our country to be defeated by domestic tyrants on our watch. The oath that we took to protect the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic is as valid today as it was the day we took it. It is our duty to hand over a free nation to the next generation. For those of you who have not served your country, this is your opportunity to do so. This could be the most important fight since the Revolutionary War. The Constitution of the United States is at stake. To do nothing is tantamount to siding with the enemy.

This grassroots effort has a built-in mechanism that will spread this movement across the nation, provided that a significant number of American Patriots follow through with the three simple steps listed above.

Charles F. Wilson