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University Administrators' Responses to the International Churches of Christ

Institutions of Higher Education Reported to Have Taken Action Regarding the ICC

 Numerous college and university administrators have temporarily or permanently banned campus organizations associated with the International Churches of Christ (ICC). In some instances, these groups have been denied registration as campus organizations. Also, the National Union of Students (United Kingdom) has advised student unions throughout the U.K. to refuse recognition to ICC affiliated organizations, and distributed publications warning students of "destructive cults."

 Many ICC members claim such actions represent persecution. Critics contend these decisions were made in response to violations of university policies and/or the ICC's recruiting practices. Copies of correspondence regarding warnings and action taken against this organization can be found at several online locations:


 Boston University Dean's Letter to Baird Letter

 Boston University Chaplain's Warning Warning   

Boston University Chapel on Destructive Religious Cults Cults

University of East London Chaplaincy Cults Warning Page Chaplaincy Warning on Cults 

Institutions of Higher Education Reported to Have Taken   

Action Regarding the ICC   

United States


United Kingdom  


American University (DC)

York University


Boston University (MA)


Birmingham University

Brown University (RI)


Bristol University

DePaul University (IL)


Kings College

Emory University (GA)


University of East London

George Washington University (DC)


University of London

Georgia Tech


University of Manchester

Harvard University (MA)


Marquette University (IL)


Meredith College (NC)


Northeastern University (MA)


Queens College (NC)


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)


Stanford University (CA)


Union College (TN)


United States MIlitary Academy (NY)


University of Arizona


University of Cincinnati (OH)


University of Kansas


University of Lowell (MA)


University of Miami (FL)


University of Redlands (CA)


University of Southern California


University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee


Vanderbilt University (TN)


Villanova University (PA)



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