Founded in 1995, greasy joan & company is dedicated to the presentation of classic works as well as plays that are innovative in language or style. Our purpose is to promote classic work in the Chicago community and to open audience imaginations to unique artistic visions.

Julieanne Ehre, Artistic Director
Steven J. Anderson, Producing Director
Christine Ginsburg, Business Manager
Megan Breen, Literary Manager & Resident Dramaturg
Tanera Marshall, Grantwriter & Artistic Associate
Artistic Associates: Joseph Fosco, Todd Neely, Natsu Onoda, Kathleen Powers

PO Box 13077, Chicago, IL 60613
Phone: 312.458.0718

Members Emeritus Rom Barkhordar
Alison Dornheggen
Sean Fortunato
Andrew Hansen
Karm Kerwell
Amy Matheny
Lisa Mauch
Robert McDonough
Rafael Miranda
Ron Rains
Maren Robinson
Holly Orfanedes-Roth
Christopher Tiffany
Gavin Witt