Soverain is a software and services company that is focused on Global 3000 businesses, with established solutions in the publishing, banking and telecommunications industries. Our strengths are in optimizing e-commerce transactions and providing enterprise commerce management solutions.  Soverain's products have been deployed to customers in over 25 countries globally, from mid-market customers to large-scale deployments.


Our flagship product, TRANSACT, is used by customers worldwide as the commercial backbone for their e-commerce operations.  Our customers use TRANSACT to create dynamic online retail businesses and to develop and nurture customer loyalty.  Transact supports multiple merchant configurations, so that each merchant can have its own set of stores.  TRANSACT provides:

  • transaction processing
  • subscription administration
  • order management
  • customer service


We help maximize your information technology investment with customized services provided by skilled e-commerce consultants. Our expert engineers ensure your company’s success with new e-commerce implementations or legacy system integrations and enhancements. Soverain will improve and extend upon your technology – extending the life of your IT investments and improving your bottom line.


Partnering with Soverain provides you with automated e-commerce services and support allowing you to focus on what you do best – communicating with your customers.





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