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BAD SANTA Was The #1 Movie In America Last Night And Is Now Coming To A Theater Near You
              The film opened to a surprising $16.8 million B.O.
        and was the #1 film in America last night on only 2005 screens

Dimension Films will expand the film a few hundred screens this week and will
       continue to add hundreds of screens each week through Christmas

     Already lauded critically, audiences take lead and flock to theaters

    NEW YORK, Dec. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Dimension Films' "Bad Santa" North
American gross totaled $16.8 million in its first weekend of release,
exceeding all industry expectations. The film was shown on 2005 screens, with
a per screen average of $8379.  Last night, "Bad Santa" was the #1 movie in
    The movie received tremendous reviews, but audiences are showing their
love for the film as well, with extremely strong exit surveys and
word-of-mouth driving viewers into the theater.  Dimension plans to expand the
film a few hundred theaters each week through Christmas, giving audiences what
they want ... more "Bad Santa!"
    The film's opening weekend and strong exit surveys indicate that "Bad
Santa" will continue to remain strong among a wide-range of moviegoers.
    This holiday season the traditional Christmas tale will never be the same
with the cleverly twisted, merrily irreverent story of a Santa so bad he's
wickedly funny.  Terry Zwigoff's BAD SANTA stars Billy Bob Thornton as one of
the most crooked, corrupted and downright hysterical Kris Kringles ever to
grace the screen.  Inspired by a mix of movie classics including the
outrageous one-liners and outcasts of "The Bad News Bears" and the riotous
impertinence of "South Park," with a dash of the holiday spirit of "It's a
Wonderful Life," albeit one that would make Capra wince, BAD SANTA is a
Christmas comedy unlike any other.
    "Bad Santa" is directed by Terry Zwigoff, who also directed the critically
acclaimed "Ghostworld" & "Crumb," which earned him a hip, cult following. "Bad
Santa" stars a comic ensemble that also includes Bernie Mac, John Ritter
(reuniting with Billy Bob Thornton for the first time since "Sling Blade"),
Lauren Graham, Tony Cox, Brett Kelly, Cloris Leachman and Lauren Tom.  The
film was scripted by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra.  The executive producers
are Joel and Ethan Coen and the producers are Sarah Aubrey and John Cameron.

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