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The History of Message On Hold....

Back in 1962, Alfred Levy had a problem. The broadcast from the radio station next door to his factory was being picked up by his company's telephone system. An exposed wire touching a metal girder was causing his building to act as a transmitter, and in turn, broadcast music to callers placed on hold. Instead of looking upon this as an annoyance, Levy look upon it as a true entrepreneur would and patented Music On Hold in 1966.

Alfred's idea has come a long way since wires rubbing against steel. "Message On Hold" uses professional voice talent to digitally record your marketing message. Today, "Message On Hold" is comprised of a national network of dealers to serve you.

Represenatives from Message On Hold presented the original digital message unit as well as today's more advanced, "state-of-the-art" model, to the . In accepting the donation, Bernard Finn, curator in the Department of Information and Society of the National Museum of American History, noted, "These devices fit well with the Museum's policy of collecting examples of technologies that have had an impact on American life."

smithsonian.JPG (27654 bytes)
Message On Hold units being presented to the
Smithsonian Institution Washington, DC, February 13, 1995