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Top 25 Feeder Birds

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What birds are seen in my state or province?

To see a list of the 25 birds most frequently seen by FeederWatchers in your area, choose your state or province from the drop-down menu below.

What birds are seen in my region?

Click on your state or region to view a list of the 25 birds most frequently reported in your FeederWatch Region*.

Key to PFW Regions Clickable Region Map

* What is a FeederWatch region?

If you travel across the continent from west to east, you will encounter different types of birds at different locations along your way. For example, you might see Western Scrub-Jays in California, Gray Jays in the Canadian Rockies, and Blue Jays in Virginia. Therefore, to interpret FeederWatch data in a meaningful way, we divide the continent into fifteen FeederWatch Regions. Each region includes a group of states and provinces that share similar geological and habitat features.

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