Play the Last Outpost

Everything you need to start playing LO is probably already on your computer. LO uses a telnet interface, so if you run UNIX, Windows, or have a Java enabled browser, you are ready to begin!

  • To run the Java based CupOMud client, click this link.
  • Some non-java web browsers can run telnet for you. To see if yours can, click this link.
  • From Unix, type telnet 4000.
  • From Windows, open the Run... dialog under the Start menu and type telnet 4000. You may need to adjust the 'local echo' option to see the characters that you type.
  • A better option for Windows is to download and install PuTTY, a free Win32 telnet/SSH replacement. To connet to LO with PuTTY, set Host Name to '', the Port to '4000', the Session type to 'Telnet', and enable the Terminal 'Use local terminal line discipline' option. Once you are logged into LO, remember to turn on color output, as PuTTY can support it.

Once you are sucessfully connected to LO, you will see the "By what name do you wish to be known?" prompt. Choose a name, and start playing!

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