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Tom Clancy's The Sum of All Fears
A tactical shooter that feels a lot like the others Red Storm has released
Good enough, but things are a little blockier than previously expected
Attention to detail in this department makes the game much more intense
It’s an FPS with a few more commands thrown in. You shouldn’t have any problems
Fans of this genre have reason to rejoice yet again

he Sum of All Fears is yet another ribbon in the ever-growing salad bar (those awards on the left side of military uniforms) that Ubi Soft is accumulating with the help of Tom Clancy’s Red Storm company. Here we have a tactical shooter that has all of the thrills in all of the right places. Of course, it has little to nothing to do with the book after which it is named, but who’s keeping track?

It’s nice that the title is a solid effort in a popular genre, but lo and behold, there are some glaring problems that keep it from being truly exceptional. The first and most concerning issue is the abysmal AI of any and all NPCs. Case in point: I order one of my squad mates to flashbang a doorway because I know there are enemies on the other side. So he opens the door, stands directly in the middle of the opening, and lazily takes what I assume is a flashbang out, all the while getting shot to death by the people standing not 10 feet away from him. Sigh. The rest of the game is peppered with AI deficiencies like this, but when you look beyond that, you’ve got a solid FPS with the attention to detail only a Clancy game can give.-kristian

The single-player game is short and fairly monotonous. Further-more, I found the enemy AI to be inconsistent, and cheap in some cases. However, fans will certain-ly appreciate the slightly expand-ed squad command system. Although the online component doesn't differ greatly from its predecessors, it certainly has a few new additions to keep the following appeased.

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