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For information on crime victims' rights, visit the following Web sites:

Victim Bill of Rights

The National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC)
NCVC offers advocacy, victim services, referrals, training, and a virtual library. NCVC programs include a legislative database of state and federal victims' rights statutes and information on the Victims' Bill of Rights.

NCVC also tracks the following legislative issues relating to crime victims: clemency, community notification, constitutional amendments, dating violence, elder fraud, identity theft, interstate compact on parole and probation, parole, payment of forensic exams, notoriety for profit "son of sam" laws, spousal rape, stalking, victims' bills of rights, and violence against women.

National Victims Constitutional Amendment Project
NVCAN is a 501(c)(3) organization supporting the adoption of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution recognizing the fundamental rights of crime victims to be treated with dignity, fairness, and respect by the criminal justice system. Its Web site features:

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Databases of State and Federal Legislation

State: Governet
This is a subscription-based database that tracks the bills that users select and notifies them when the bills change.

Federal: GPO Access
Offers a centralized listing of several government databases and the capability to search across multiple databases by key term.

Child Abuse Laws, National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information (NCCAN)
NCCAN offers Statutes-At-A-Glance Summaries, which provide a quick overview and comparison across the states of definitions of child abuse and neglect, requirements and procedures for reporting child abuse, central registry expungement and confidentiality legislation, laws providing criminal penalties for child abuse and neglect and special courtroom procedures used during trial, and analyses of civil and criminal laws.

Domestic Violence Law Search, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ)
NCJFCJ’s Family Violence Department has researched state domestic violence laws over the past 8 years from the 50 states, District of Columbia, and most U.S. territories and has compiled them into a comprehensive statutes database.

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Organizations Advocating for Victims' Rights

Legislationline is an online resource, information, and documentation center dealing with the rule of law and the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. The service, provided by the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the Organization for Security and Co-operation, contains information on such topics as domestic violence and trafficking in women.

National Crime Victim Bar Association
The Association educates attorneys, victim service providers, and the general public about civil legal remedies for crime victims. It also refers crime victims to civil attorneys in their local area. The Association also offers a members-only access database of more than 10,000 summaries of civil cases involving crime victims advocates through legislation and amicus curiae briefs.

National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI)
The law professors and law students of NCVLI advocate for victims in the courts in cases concerning victim participation, privacy, and protection. This educational organization is dedicated to promoting a fair and balanced criminal justice system through legal education, legal scholarship, legal information resources, and legal advocacy.

National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA)
NOVA advocates for victims' rights, assists service providers, provides direct victim assistance, offers training, and coordinates a National Crisis Response Team and the National Crime Victim Information and Referral Hotline.

The National Self-Help Clearinghouse
The Clearinghouse offers information about self-help support groups and regional self-help clearinghouses. The clearinghouse also provides self-help links, training and consultation, public outreach, and related publications and policy papers.

Trial Lawyers for Public Justice
This public interest law firm handles civil cases on behalf of victims. Cases handled involve civil rights and liberties, consumer protection, defense of workers' rights, prevention of toxic injuries, preserving the environment, and preservation of the civil justice system.

Victims' Assistance Legal Organization, Inc.
VALOR is dedicated to enhancing the legal rights of crime victims in the civil, criminal, and juvenile justice systems. VALOR conducts research in the areas of restitution, child abuse, juvenile justice, sentencing, and parole, and serves as a cosponsor of the OVC-funded National Victim Assistance Academy.

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Sex Offender Registries

Klaas Kids Foundation
Contains state-by-state listings of sex offender and community notification laws.

Stop Sex Offenders
This organization offers state listings of sex offender registries.

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Victim Compensation Regulations

The National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards (NACVCB)
NACVCB shares information and ideas through its network of victim compensation programs. Training and technical assistance activities and other resources focus on fiscal stability, outreach, communication, and advocacy.

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This document was last updated on July 14, 2003