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7 Feb 2004 - Steve Nickolas has posted ODIN 0.6, a slimmed down one-disk FreeDOS distribution. See fd-odin.dosius.com for primary Odin site. Also available at ibiblio and fdos.org.

5 Feb 2004 - Bernd Blaauw has released the FreeDOS Beta9 pre-release4 distribution. Get it at ibiblio. (If you want only the binaries, as an alternative, download the beta9pr4.zip binary zip package from ibiblio [1.2MB])

13 Aug 2003 - We are currently in a "patch and cleanup" cycle. Aitor has updated the "TODO" list of things that seem missing. See the v.1.0 TODO list.

Warning: ASUS motherboards and FreeDOS! ASUS motherboards which contain FreeDOS for their CrashFreeBIOS function sometimes ship with an incomplete FreeDOS installer on the CD-ROM. Do not try to install FreeDOS with it. Use the CD-ROM only for BIOS flashing as intended. Otherwise you could render your system unbootable. See also Technote211.

EMM386 release candidate #1
24 Mar 2004 by jhall
Micheal Devore writes: The first release candidate version of EMM386 with VCPI support is available at ftp site in the files EMM386.ZIP and EMM386SR.ZIP, as executable and ASM+C source. Note well: the uncompressed executable name is now EMM386.EXE, and not the previous test release name of EMM38664.EXE This version of EMM386 corrects an incompatibility with Duke3D using the high resolution 800x600 mode, and potentially with similar DOS extended programs. The NOEMS option of EMM386 has been corrected to allocate more memory for larger memory machines (>192M), as well as allocate additional memory to VCPI. EMM386 parsing has been slightly improved. It also has a (completely untested) check for VMware with auto exclusion of UMB's in the range 0E800-0EFFF. Please bang on this version of EMM386 as hard as you can to uncover any problems affecting maximum compatibility with all known extenders and DOS extended programs, as well as various memory setups. This version is a candidate for next official release of EMM386 ... (Read more..) This release candidate has also been mirrored at ibiblio.

FreeDOS help: 1.0.3
23 Mar 2004 by jhall
Robert Platt writes: Just loaded up a new version of HTML Help. Version 1.0.3 adds a search function. M$ Help had one, so its only right that FreeDOS Help should have one. In spite of adding this big new feature, there have been various code improvements which means a *decrease* in binary size... cool! Get it at web site.

More FreeDOS networking
21 Mar 2004 by jhall
Someone just emailed me to ask about FreeDOS networking, so I thought I'd post an updated news item about it. If you're interested in putting FreeDOS on a network, you might be interested in Technote157 about the topic, or Ein Windows-Netzwerk unter FreeDOS (German). Microsoft also posted their Network Client for MS-DOS that works under FreeDOS. There's a web server for DOS included in Watt-32, as well as some other goodies, including a Gnutella client!

FreeDOS at work
14 Mar 2004 by jhall
Tassilo points out another place where FreeDOS is being used "in the wild." I was surprised that the new Pump (mp3 player) isnt using Linux annymore its using FreeDOS as "default" OS. See Technical Details On PUMP II (German) (also in English.) Pump has had a brief mention before on FreeDOS.org, but never as a news item. It's great to see FreeDOS being used in more embedded systems.

Disk utility BOOTFIX (updated)
13 Mar 2004 by jhall
Arkady writes: I prepare first edition of BOOTFIX - utility to check boot sector validness. Please, test it, and report me if something is wrong. Reports that all your drivers are clean (ie. no errors, no warnings) also welcomed. Especially I interested in reports for FAT32. This utility is safe, because it only reads and verifies data, but (currently) doesn't modifies anything. Later I add possibility to fix inconsistencies in boot sector. I think, SYS shouldn't change anything in boot record (except boot code, of course), it should only diagnose if something is wrong (because automatic changes in boot record may be dangerous), and remain curing for BOOTFIX. However, on demand, BOOTFIX may be completely integrated into SYS. Download bootfix1.zip from Michael Devore's ftp site. This has also been mirrored at ibiblio.
Update: (2004-03-22) Arkady adds: With help of Michael Devore, on his site placed version 1.4 of BOOTFIX. (bootf14.zip) This version is now compilable both by Borland C and OpenWatcom. It shows slightly more information (to ease using logs even without dumps), before reading BPB added reseting disk (look like this is sometime required for FreeDOS, when applied to removable media) and there are other minor changes. Thanks for Jim Lilly for his long efforts in testing bootfix in different environments. ... In next edition may/should be added possibility to check boot sector inside files-disk images, then may be added possibility to fix some minor inconsistencies in boot record (like undefined geometry fields or nonzero root_entries field). This has also been mirrored at ibiblio as bootfix14.zip.

New test EMM386 with VCPI (updated)
13 Mar 2004 by jhall
Micheal Devore wrote: A new test version of VCPI-enabled EMM386 has been uploaded to ftp site in the files EMM386.ZIP and EMMSRC.ZIP, available via anonymous ftp. File EMM386.ZIP has the uncompressed EMM38664.EXE, EMMSRC.ZIP has EMM386C.C and EMM38664.ASM source files. This version corrects several errors with the NOEMS parameter of EMM386, which was broken about four different ways, including failure to create UMB's. In addition, DOS/4GW now works with the NOEMS setting. It is smart enough to allocate from XMS after all, just a bit picky about how. ... If you would, please put this version of EMM386 through suitable tests, particularly with protected mode/DOS extender stuff, and let me know the results. (Read more..) This test release has also been mirrored at ibiblio in a separate directory.
Update: (17 Mar 2004) Micheal has posted an update to EMM386 with VCPI: Latest test version of EMM386 is at ftp site in the files EMM386.ZIP and EMMSRC.ZIP, as executable and source. These version corrects a problem with memory corruption in UMB's using VCPI, particularly notable with MCB panic errors. Non-DOS upper memory management is improved. This version should be compatible with a greater range of DOS-extended software. This test release has also been mirrored at ibiblio in its own directory.

Classic games
10 Mar 2004 by jhall
We've gotten feedback from disappointed gamers who have upgraded to Windoze XP and can no longer play their favorite old games. FreeDos can be the ticket back to the good ol' days, at least for DOS-supported games, anyway. For some great DOS games, you might look at 3dgamers.com, which has a DOS games section. Or, you might also find dosgames.com has the game you like. I've been downloading several games that I used to enjoy back in the day. We've posted some examples of running popular DOS games under FreeDOS before.

ReactOS 0.2.1 is out
8 Mar 2004 by jhall
Freddy writes: ReactOS the GPLd WinNT-clone, which we've mentioned a few times before, is now in version 0.2.1. [ReactOS uses a modified version of FreeDOS' FreeCOM, which is why I'll mention it here. -jh] However, there is still no DOS or Win16 support, but some WinNT-programs like sol.exe (which needs the ReactOS cards.dll-file) run very well. You can download ReactOS on soureforge. (Changelog) Some notes: - Download reactos-0.2.1-bochs.zip, if you want to use an bochs-image. - Download reactos-0.2.1-iso.zip if you want to use an CDROM-image. - Download reactos-0.2.1-binaries.zip if you want to install ReactOS in an DOS-system. For this unpack this zip-file in C:\reactos and then download the floppy image of FreeLoader. Use RawWrite or any other tool to write this image on an floppy. After boot it starts the kernel, which you have installed under C:\reactos .

WDe Disk Editor
8 Mar 2004 by jhall
Ben Cadieux has opened his disk editor under the GNU GPL. Here is his announcement: I'm sending you my first GNU GPL'd program, WDe V0.20. If you recall, it's an disk editor I wrote quite some time ago supporting fat12, fat16, fat32, physical drives & cd-rom drives. I'm pretty confident it's the best DOS disk editor out there ... I had never intended to work on WDe as long as I have; and I certainly never expected to take a 2 year break on the project or allow anyone else to see the source, so the code is somewhat ugly. I'll be cleaning up the source, re-writing functions using better practices, documenting a little better and then releasing new versions as time allows - there are still several things in the "to do" list. I've mirred this release at ibiblio.

ClamAV patch / DOS binary
6 Mar 2004 by jhall
Everyone should know that virus protection is very important, especially today with so many viruses/worms running around. Eric Auer posted a note to the mailing list about how to get ClamAV to compile for DOS. He's made a precompiled DOS binary available, too. Read it in Technote215.

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