Welcome to GraysonAdams.com

Welcome to GraysonAdams.com. This is my website as I complete first grade; the site began when I was in Kindergarten. My name is Grayson Chase Adams. I have some pictures of my sisters, my dogs and cats, my toys, drawings, school projects, vacations and some of my best thoughts.

My Mission Statement

GraysonAdams.com has no special purpose. It is here for you to enjoy and for me to learn some web design. It is also here for memories.

This is a quote from when my website began: "I used to say "I fink somesing is wrong:, but my English is much better. I now say "I sink somefing is wrong."  Not many people can make this progress, but I did. I believe if more people would work on how they talk, there would be better peoples in the world.

Remember, there may not be much room in your stomach for chicken, hamburger, vegetables or fruit, but there will always be room for ice cream and Hershey bars. This is something that many people do not understand. Also, be aware that while someone may be full and unable to eat another bite, your hunger can return very quickly...especially in the presence of ice cream or a Hershey bar. Finally, there are many important things to do in school and at home...like clean your room, practice piano, stop annoying the cats and dogs, and eat wots and wots of ice cream and have a Hershey bar."

That was then, and this is now: I want to thank my parents, sisters and teachers for inspiration and assistance in building this site. Much has changed in my life since this site began. I now take Karate rather than Tai Kwon Do, and I have become master of the X-Box, play a mean piano, do book reports, more complex art projects, and I assume increased responsibility at school and at home. Oh...and I also have grown, lost teeth, and tried new food. Also, let me add: "Long live SpongeBob."

- Gray