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April 2004

How much would you be willing to pay to fly a modern fighter jet?

Are you a fan of ‘vinyl’ figurines, such as the Matrix and Final Fantasy characters by Kotobukiya?
Yes – I have taken the liberty of surrounding myself with their presence
Maybe – Let me know where I can get some more info
No – I’m not much of a ‘doll’ person

Photonic updated -- week 5 of the Photoshop challenge - 25/3/2004
It's weekly, it's good, and it'll make you laugh. Or cry. So enjoy!.... Read more

Intel moves beyond megahertz - 20/3/2004
Chip giant Intel has announced that it will introduce a model numbering scheme across its consumer CPU range..... Read more

Magazine correction -- Jaton FX 5950 Ultra: issue 39, page 50 - 18/3/2004
Crikey -- it's crazy correction time! We just like to clear things up, is all..... Read more

Box that's hot -- Hotbox winner for March! - 17/3/2004
Wordless. Speechless. Crave the boxes that make your speaking thing ability go bad-bad..... Read more

Photonic updated -- Atomic Photoshop week four! - 17/3/2004
Photos manipulated in the worst possible way. Brace yourself for a good image-whipping..... Read more

Magazine correction -- ELSA GLADIAC FX 935XT: issue 39, page 55 - 16/3/2004
Dang! Looks like something got all twisted around like in the magazine. No worries, the correction fairies are here!.... Read more

New Photonic content -- Week three of Atomic Photoshop! - 9/3/2004
Oh dear god! What have the children done now! It's scary, we promise..... Read more

Two new marvellous Atomic features! Photonic and Atomic Authors - 3/3/2004
We all like the crisp, body-quivering smell of newness. Especially Atomic newness. .... Read more

February Hotbox winner! - 18/2/2004
Say it with us! Hotbox, Hotbox, Hotbox winner; win some kit and feel heaps better!.... Read more

Atari Unreal Tournament 2004 competition: questions received and answered! - 10/2/2004
Interviewing top game designers is never a bad thing. Found out why!.... Read more

Atomic Reader Awards 2003 -- it's fun to vote! - 9/2/2004
Issue your judgement on the products of the industry's top hardware manufacturers and software developers -- Atomic style!.... Read more

Burn baby burn! ANU plasma ignites interest - 5/2/2004
A three-year journey doesn’t sound like the sort of trip most people would be willing to take, but this is how long it might take to reach Mars if new engine/thrust technology isn’t developed..... Read more

Is it animal, vegetable or mineral? No, its 'fermionic condensate'! - 4/2/2004
Scientists in Washington recently created a sixth state of matter, Fermionic condensate, after gases, liquids, plasma and Bose-Einstein condensate..... Read more

That crazy Ed guy. . . - 3/2/2004
He's a legend, whether you've heard of him or not. Check out Atomic's secretive interview with Ed Del Castillo..... Read more

Mydoom scores -- SCO site out of the ballgame - 2/2/2004
The Mydoom virus added another notch to its belt on Sunday (Monday AEST), in a mammoth DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on SCO's website..... Read more

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