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About SATN,
Bob and David's Web Site

This is a web site for commentary, essays, etc., from David P. Reed, Bob Frankston, and some of their friends. It was initially set up and maintained by Dan Bricklin.

Topics covered include: Internet, computing, telecommunications, protocols, governmental policy, history, innovation, and reliability.

The name SATN (pronounced like the fabric "satin") comes from the publications of a company Bob, David, and Dan used to work for, Software Arts. (You can see a picture of some issues of SATN here.) Originally SATN was an acronym for Software Arts Technical Notes and was used as the name of internal Software Arts documents. (E.g., the DIF file format specification was SATN-18.) Here, we go back to that old meaning: Notes about technical stuff, but with more about policy.
This section lists major additions and changes to this web site. Changes to the Weblog are not usually listed since they are so frequent.

Another one of Bob's essays: The Internet is Missing (2002-03-13)

Bob's Connectivity: What it is and why it is so important essay was added (2002-01-29)

David's ASCII vs. Binary essay was added. (2002-01-09)

Web site started. (2002-01-09)
The Sections
The most frequently updated part of the web site. Sometimes copies of emails sent by one of us or thoughts in lieu of an email, sometimes interesting links, etc.

Stand-alone essays, with their own URLs.

About the authors
Dr. David P. Reed enjoys architecting the information space in which people, groups and organizations interact. He is well known as a pioneer in the design and construction of the Internet protocols, distributed data storage, and PC software systems and applications. He is co-inventor of the end-to-end argument, often called the fundamental architectural principle of the Internet.

Bob Frankston is best known as the co-creator (along with Dan Bricklin) of VisiCalc, the first of today's computer spreadsheet programs. Bob was with Lotus Development from 1986 to 1990 where he created Lotus Express (and started At Microsoft from 1993 to 1998 he championed "IP Everywhere" with phone wire networking being one result. Bob's now on his own pursuing a number of projects, among them trying to explain the larger concepts of IP everywhere.

Dan Bricklin is also best known as the co-creator of VisiCalc. He is currently founder and CTO of Trellix Corporation. He maintains his own web log, in addition to this one.

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