Here is a little bio information on the character who loves to
create characters and make people laugh. 

The Cartoonist

Life began for Joe Ruisi in beautiful downtown Buffalo, New York. At about the age of three, little Joey began to exhibit anomalous tendencies. His Italian immigrant family, while alarmed and concerned about their little aberration, were often amused by his cartooning and seldom punished him for it.

Although known as an artist throughout elementary and high school, it was during his late twenties (as an art major at the University of Hartford) that Joe's paintings proved once and for all that he was born to be a cartoonist.

Even work experiences in an exhibit company, an ad agency, and commercial art studios could not snuff out Joe's burning desire to produce cartoons.

His work has been published in the USA, Canada, and the UK in many publications such as the Saturday Evening Post, Sun, Country Woman, Boy's Life, Stitches, Family Digest, and The Christian Voice, and many others. Joe's color illustrations are featured in a children's books series named, Larkins' Little Readers and   Mister Tubby, the adventures of a real, live clown  who lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee. Joe has, since October 2002,  become the editorial cartoonist for The Myrtle Beach Herald, a local weekly newspaper in coastal South Carolina. Greeting card art for pregnant women has become another new and funny venue. 

 Among several children's books Joe has illustrated, three samples are:
Stevie's Birthday
"A Party", and "What animals Do"   These and others have been published by Wilmington Book Source.

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