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What's happening in the world of technology and what does it mean to you? Award-winning technology journalist D. F. Tweney cuts through the hype with this free newsletter, published independently since 1998.

My goal in the Tweney Report is to explain technology, how it works, and what it all means -- and to do so in an accessible, understandable way, while avoiding the hype and "gee-whiz" factor found in much tech journalism.

I'm a working tech journalist, and much of my writing is published by magazines such as Business 2.0, PC World, CIO Magazine, and others. When one of my articles is published, I'll send Tweney Report subscribers a link to that story, often adding comments and background not found in the published article.

Subscribers to the Tweney Report will also get exclusive essays and commentary not published anywhere else.

The most current issue appears on the home page of, and I also send it out via email to more than 3,000 subscribers. There is no strict publication schedule; I send out a newsletter whenever I have something to report.

I've been publishing the Tweney Report via email since 1998. For a list of back issues, see my archive page.

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What people are saying.

"Visionary." -- Martha Rogers, Peppers & Rogers Group / Marketing 1to1

"An excellent report." -- Larry Downes, co-author of "Unleashing the Killer App"

"A gutsy 'zine" -- David Weinberger, Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization (JOHO)

"Dylan Tweney gets it, big time." -- Doc Searls, co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto

"The Tweney Report is a reliable source for anything you need to know about e-commerce and the Internet." -- Brian Grulke,

"While I don't always agree with Tweney (I don't always agree with most people, in case you hadn't noticed), I always enjoy the column." -- Robert Seidman, Seidman's Online Insider

"Longtime tech commentator Dylan Tweney is your sage for the Internet Age, dissecting the meaningful trends and trouble in his once-a-week newsletter." -- Brett Mendel, Topica

"One of our personal all-time favorites has been The Tweney Report. It is one of the few newsletters we HIGHLY recommend. ... His insights are invaluable." -- Nicholas Mercader, The Business Model Insider

"What I like the most about the Tweney Report is its brevity -- most Tweney Reports are only a page or two long. " -- Patrick Douglas Crispen, Internet Tourbus

Privacy policy.

I keep my subscribers' email addresses in strict confidence. My list of subscribers is not available for sale, rent, or trade.

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Updated 24 january 2003

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