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  1. Free IQ and EQ Weekly Newsletters - - provides weekly newsletters on IQ and EQ tests, accelerated learning, memory enhancement, self improvement, personal growth, goal setting, sales skills, more.
  2. The ULTIMATE IQ Test - How Smart Are You?- -Welcome to Emode's world-famous IQ Test - the most thorough and insightful. IQ Test you can take online! It's fast, it's private and it's developed by PhDs. You will get your IQ score and a 15-page, scientifically valid Personalized Report - which includes an "Expand Your Mind" eBook, and a Certificate of Intellectual Achievement. Plus, you'll get four follow-up emails, all for one low price! Only $14.95.
  3. ABCs of Personal Growth - - offers two different IQ tests, the most popular (and probably most important also for personal happiness) being the E-IQ emotional intelligence test. Many other free psychology tests available onsite.
  4. Interactive IQ Test- -This psychometric test measures your cognitive performance in three key areas: word analysis, spatial reasoning, and quantitative analysis; provides your relative I.Q. for this assessment.
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  1. How to Submit an Article to Self Improvement Online
  2. The Lover's Touch- -Written by Diana Daffner -Submitted to Self Improvement Online on 4/8/00.
  3. Quotes by Glen Hopkins- -Written by Glen Hopkins -Submitted to Self Improvement Online on 3/26/00.

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