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Classes for 2004



Class Schedule 2004


·        Classes are held on Monday nights from 8-9 at the Mountain Dance Theater located in Historic Downtown Littleton on the SE corner of Bowles and Santa Fe.

·        Classes are divided into 8 week sessions, with the next Beginners session to start April 5th 2004.

·        You may drop into a beginning class at anytime!

·        Classes are $12 for Drop-In or $80 per 8 week session when paid for in advance by the first class of the session. Call me at 720-231-6629 or come to class to register.

·        Private Classes are $35 per hour, arranged upon request. I am also available to teach workshops at my location or yours upon request.

·        Beginning Classes 8:00-9:00 pm

·     Itermediate class schedule to be posted soon 


Please wear tighter fitting stretch pants and tops so I can see your body. This allows me to determine if you are doing the movements correctly.




Format of the Classes

I have studied intensively with Suhaila Salimpour of San Francisco and I find her format to be very effective for teaching beginning students, new to the art form.  I have incorporated a great deal of her teaching techniques into my classes.  She is the first woman in the history of "Middle Eastern Dance" to offer a certification program. Her format stems from that of her mother's, Jamila Salimpour, which was developed in the 1950's.  Jamilia Salimpour was one of the first people ever, to create a format by cataloging, naming and breaking down the movements associated with the dance, making it possible for others to identify and learn them. Before that, "Belly Dancing" was an art form learned only through watching and imitating movements.  Most of the names and terms used in "Belly Dance" today come from Jamilia's format. For more information on the Salimpour format please go to my "Great links" page where you will find a link to Suhaila's webpage.



·       20 minutes of stretching, toning & strength conditioning.

We will focus on protecting the body from injury by warming up the muscles, working on Flexibility (A key factor in preventing injury), working with the Body Line and Posture as well as Balance, and last but not least, strengthening and building the muscles necessary for Belly Dancing!


·       The Remainder of Class

We will focus on many different areas of the Dance, such as Finger Cymbals, Middle Eastern Music Rhythms and how to count as well as dance to them, Foot Patterns and the basic moves of various dance forms, Veil work, Balancing, History, my choreographies and most importantly, TECHNIQUE! TECHNIQUE! TECHNIQUE!  My Classes focus mostly on the breakdown and strict technique of the multitude of Belly Dance moves. You will learn what muscles are responsible for what movements and how to control them and your body!


·       Last 5 minutes of Class is a warm down!




"Sadie is not only an amazing dancer, she's also a wonderful teacher.  She's generous with her knowledge and has the ability to coach her students in the mechanics of a large repertoire of dance moves.  Her classes are entertaining and she's willing to adjust her classes to fit the requests and preferences of the group. I feel very fortunate to have Sadie as my teacher!"   Wendy Alcorn, Action Promotions


"Sadie is an incredible instructor.  She is the epitome of what a Belly Dancer is and should be which is very inspirational.  Her patience in dealing with her students is admirable, especially when there are beginners, intermediate and advanced all in one class.  Once you try some of the moves, it gives you an increased appreciation for her amazing talent."        Terri Tuggle, Home Box Office



Participation in any of my classes is at your own risk!

This Dance form is very therapeutic for the body and spirit but please, anyone with any injuries, big or small should consult their physician before taking a class! Thank-you!


For location info or additional questions, please call  720-231-6629!

I Hope to see you in Class!!!





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