biohazard vs dink3
gamewyze vs xeno141
cal-main dod play...
gamers paradise v...11
gamewyze vs shock...98
cal-m playoff pre...
no option (former...4
ronin vs ilan29
cal-i dod week 8 ...
mornos vs 1id1
gamewyze vs shock...68
cal-m week 8 results
85th vs unsung he...17
shockwave vs solu...36
cali season 5 pla...
Top News Stories
CAL-M Playoff Predictions
With the first round of the cal-main playoffs fast approaching, we at gotfrag weigh in with our best guesses at who will come out on top. With the usual combination of Dante and Ron and guest appearances from our playoff specialist Ska, and an outside opinion coming your way care of Gratt.

Full Story | 38 Comments
CAL-I DoD Week 8 Results (by Julius with Slash adding the hash)
It's the last week in the regular season for CAL, and the playoff seedings are about ready to be set in stone. Going into Week 8, GameWyze has been on a tear, winners of 8 straight, having knocked off their closest competitor on Friday in shockwave...

Full Story | 81 Comments
CAL-M Week 8 Results
The final week of the third season of cal-main dod has come to a close. At the beginning of the week there were a lot of teams that needed a win this week in order to make it into the playoffs or at least have a chance to make it into the playoffs. Surprisingly with so many important matches there weren't any close matches as most matches were won handily by the favored team.

Full Story | 28 Comments
CALi Season 5 Playoff Scramble (by Cyan007)
Cyan007 gives a quick look into the fates of a few teams that still have yet to clinch a playoff spot, and how certain situations will look like depending on who wins what.

Full Story | 51 Comments
Eurocup IX, CDoDL and Nations Cup Results Roundup
One upset win and several exciting matches took place in the EuroCup this week, not to mention the winner of the Nations Cup was decided...

Spetz brings the latest from the European DoD scene.

Full Story | 23 Comments
CAL Main Results ( Week 7) :: dod_zafod
Captain_Ron and Dante (with nelly doing the top 5) bring us zafod results for CAL-m this week, and produce a picture of who the top teams will be going into playoffs. Seven weeks of divisional match play are done, and with only a week left of the main season, things are bound to heat up...

Full Story | 36 Comments
CALi Week 7 Results (dod_zafod) by DarkRabbi
The map dod_zafod usually brings with it a collection of interesting results, and this week is no different. GW manages to hold onto their undefeated record, while shockwave takes down the upcoming LP squad. Read more for all the details...

Full Story | 13 Comments
LiBra Results ( Weeks 4 & 5 ) dod_railroad2, dod_donner
Thrasher is here with some results from the Brazilian DoD League "Libra." This post covers Weeks 4 and 5 of match play, covering matches on dod_railroad2 and dod_donner respectively.

Full Story | 5 Comments
UGS.aus-Invite - Week 8 - dod_zafod
Rounders brings us comprehensive coverage of the last week of UGS.aus seasonal play before the playoffs. The map was dod_zafod, which brought an array of interesting results from the land down under. Read on to get all the latest Australian results and playoff circumstances.

Full Story | 6 Comments
EuroCup IX & CDoDL Results Roundup
As both competitions progress, the matches seem to get better and better...

Read Spetz's coverage on the most recent European news (as of March 14th).

Full Story | 1 Comments
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Interview with TWR|`Blythe
Qu1rkz sits down with the leader of top European team The White Rose (TWR) and talks about Blythe the person, TWR and his views on issues related to DoD.

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CAL-M DoD Season 3 Playoff Preview, by ska
Going into the eighth week of the season there were upwards of 24 clans all with a shot and being eligible for the 16 team bracket. Itís been a tight season with lots of competition, a few hacking controversies, and a whole lot of disputes over who is the best clan...

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New DoD Harrington Released
The new version of the now famous clan oriented map dod_harrington (created by Jon "Holeman" Fasulo) has been given a brush up, and the new version is now available for download. NOTE: This map WILL be the version of harrington played in the playoffs.

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Top 10 North America / Europe (as of 03/13/04)
With the new GotFrag now here, Brian "juni0r" Lu brings us a fresh new rankings update. The rankings definitely look different from the last update, with upsets and league shifts changing the field. With the EuroCup starting, the European rankings are taking a little bit of form while the North American rankings are gradually finalizing as we near the end of the season. By the next update we should see fairly accurate rankings for both North America and Europe.

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Interview with former RBC-Rogueverve, by Silvermana
With the demise of RBC, Silvermana managed to get an interview with a former RBC player Rogueverve and talk about the clan and some of its history.

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CAL-I Quarterly Report (Third Quarter), By Mantis
Mantis from GameWyze, one of our newest staff members, has put together this report that documents the first six weeks of CAL-I seasonal play. Read more to find out his views on all the remaining CAL invite teams.

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