The Research Enterprise for Global Action on Suffering

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    Algosphere's mission is to contribute to the knowledge and mastery of suffering by doing research on the sphere of suffering.

    The word suffering (algos in ancient Greek) is used here to refer to physical pain or mental distress, in all their forms. The sphere of suffering is a metaphor that refers to the set of all sufferings. Research at Algosphere is based on the following working hypothesis : all occurrences of suffering, past, present, and future, constitute collectively one single set, and it is advisable to deal theoretically, strategically, and practically with  that aggregate as a whole in order to progress in the knowledge and mastery of suffering.

    The Research Enterprise for Global Action on Suffering

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    Project One   Introduction to the Systematic Study of Suffering

    Project Two   Recommended Global Strategy on Suffering

    Project Three   First Step in a Universal Program of Security concerning Suffering


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