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Textpattern Development Log · 14 days ago

As if there isn’t enough to do already.

Trying out this whole ‘conveying ideas sincerely’ thing (as opposed to that whole ‘flitting about all twee and snarky pretending the rest of the web doesn’t exist’ thing) is really rather a lot like the whole ‘wearing new shoes on a long walk’ thing.

*   *   *

How to Get a Bloggie · 20 days ago

Completely ignore your website for weeks on end, apparently.

Gosh, so much has been going on.

*   *   *

Textpattern · 41 days ago

Public Gamma 1.10 is up. I’m going to bed.

*   *   *

Refer Spamming · 43 days ago

A lot of people using Refer have noticed the increasingly frequent appearance of spurious referrers such in their referrer lists.

I’ve been seeing this junk recorded by other traffic reporting software, thus I don’t think Refer installs are being specifically targeted; nonetheless measures should be taken to silence this incredibly dim-witted ‘marketing’.

In the current version of Refer running on this site I’ve added a filtering mechanism which disallows multiple referrers to be delivered by the same visitor address, like, oh I don’t know, or

The update is still too flaky to release, and this is taking up all available time, however those running older versions of Refer can take advantage of this patch by Eric Goldberg, which filters spammers based on their user-agent headers.

*   *   *

Oh, Hi! · 55 days ago

Er, not much happening here at the moment (except of course the relentless dogs) – a handful of ludicrously generous people are working out the remaining bugs in recent builds of Holy Crap It Might Just Ship, and I’m running around with pliers and a roll of gaffer tape. A 1.0 Gamma public release is imminent.

In addition, a small squad of armed locals are tailing me around, ready to open fire if I’m seen even thinking of ‘adding features’ at this stage.

This is a negation: ¬

*   *   *