My iBlackout iBlogpost

I don't have an iMac tho I do have iTunes, iLife, iPhoto, and iEtc on my Powerbook. Thus I have some useful Mac iInformation about what happens when you lose electric iPower:

  1. Your Mac laptop makes a good emergency flashlight. Its spooky glow will keep you from falling downstairs while you search for your actual flashlight, which is not in the first three places you thought you left it.
  2. Your Mac desktop doesn't really mind power failures. When the power comes back, you have to log in again but it won't need the kind of tender smoochies and coddling that my Windows PC used to insist on.
  3. You still can't post to your blog during power failures--but your Airport comes back on when the power does and you can go right back to posting informative blog entries--just like this one!

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Hyperlinks, history, writing for the web

Must-read for Anglophiles: Suw Charman (Chocolate and Vodka) evokes the weight of history in Britain. Her essay* is lovely in itself and makes generous use of hyperlinks to information on various places she mentions.

It's amazing how much hyperlinks add to the texture and usefulness of non-fiction.

Another place that really gets hyperlinks right: the Pepys Diary blog.

Footnotes? Bah, humbug (except for my footnote, below.) Long live the hyperlink!

* Suw's article appears in the exciting new travel-history-culture-food-fusion blog from Tom Bridge and Robert Daeley----Four Corners--I really recommend it.

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Re-thinking the virtues of fire-engine red

My favorite color, when I was a little kid, was red--as in bright, bright, bright fire-engine red.

And all my life, if somebody asked me, "What is your favorite color?", I'd say "Red."

Then I discovered a scientific paper that said most people liked red the best when they were children. When they were children? Do you mean I get to make a different choice now that I'm grown up?

Yes, you do get to re-think your favorite color, whenever you want to. You get to re-decide how hard you want to party. You get to re-decide whether or not to have kids.

You get to re-decide whether you want to grab every opportunity to travel to some exotic spot on this planet. That's one I'm right now re-thinking myself.

I love the person I was as a little kid. I love her boldness, her curiosity, the idealistic way she expected the best from every single person she happened to meet.

But she, who loved freedom more than almost anything else, would be the last person to want me enslaved to her choices.

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It's a dog's life, in stages

One of the seductive, heartbreaking things about owning a pet is that they stay the same for so much longer than people. OK, so Marianne no longer looks like a ball of white fluff, punctuated by shiny black nose, pink tongue, white teeth (ouch!)

But when I look down to see who is dancing around my ankles every time I open the fridge, it is recognizably the same little dancing dog who has tried hard to trip me in many previous kitchens.

When Marianne arrived, my daughters were 7 and 14. Do you want to guess if they've changed in 15 years? Marianne stayed short--and her interest stayed focused on things I might drop on the floor.

A pet's life is like a long, peaceful plateau where, for years and years, whatever else in your life changes, the pet stays the same. In fact, there are only 5 stages in a pet's life:

  1. Every morning, you are delighted: that cute little puppy is still there!
  2. Every morning, you are delighted if that cute little puppy didn't pee on something you care about.
  3. Every morning, your dog is delighted, and treats you as if you had been away for 6 months and returned with an armload of dog biscuits and chew toys. [This is the stable state for owning a dog.]
  4. Every morning, you are delighted if that dear old dog didn't pee on something you care about.
  5. Every morning, you are delighted: that dear old dog is still there.
Marianne, I regret to say, is now at stage 4.

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sxsw: Boing!

* Cory2: Cory Doctorow goes boinnnng differently. * Cory: Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing. Boinnnnng! * Cory2: Cory Doctorow goes boinnnng differently. * Cory: Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing. Boinnnnng! *
Wow! Congratulations to Cory Doctorow! His novel Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (which I absolutely loved) is on the short list for a Nebula Award.

I met Cory at sxsw, and sat across the aisle from him at the Bloggies, where Boing Boing won three awards (out of the four they were nominated for.)

I have mixed feelings about this--Cory and BB are awesomely brilliant and funny. But-- if the gods decreed they would lose one Bloggie anyway--couldn't they have lost that one to my pal AccordionGuy?

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