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5 new video clips from Shenmue 2x

We have 5 new clips from the Xbox version of Shenmue 2, these videos go in chronological order with the story. I left off previously with Ryo being told to learn the wude in order to meet Master Tao. All the older videoclips are located in the Shenmue 2 video archive and require at least a Divx player to be viewed.

Posted on 25/03/2004 by ~Hellraiser~

Project Berkley translated
We finally have a detailed translation of Yu Suzuki from Project Berkley, as most of you know this disk was released with VF3TB back in 98. In this disk Yu Suzuki describes what we can expect in a game we all know as Shenmue. A big thank you goes out to Kiyuu for taking the time to translate this.

Project Berkley.txt

Posted on 17/03/2004 by ~Hellraiser~

Iwao seventh generation & Shenmue research page

During further research into Shenmue I recently, I have uncovered an interesting deatail which has been unknown to the general public until now. There are unused sound clips from Ryo in the basement scene in Shenmue 1. The scene includes a clip of Ryo saying "It's the Hazuki family tree, my father is the seventh generation" This line was obviously removed from the final version for reasons unknown. Click here for the slightly converted sound clip. Also, be sure to check out this forum topic for further information.

Other interesting news from the basement are two mysterious unused textures. As seen above, what seems to be a green door of some type with a green face on the knocker.

With the ever growing findings through modding and new theories rising, a new Shenmue research page has been created within the Shenmue III section to gather all of the most important findings into one helpful spot.

Posted on 08/03/2004 by ~LanDC~

Do you think Digital Rex's E3 title will be Shenmue 3?
I'm not sure

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