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"In Seconds You Can Deliver Your eBook To Your Customer Quickly & Easily, Without Lifting A Finger,
Or Even Touching Your Computer"


Automating The Delivery Of Your eBooks From eBay Should Be Your #1 Strategy!

If You Are Not - You Are Wasting Valuable
 Time & Losing Money ... Period!

Auto Digital Delivery on eBay



Now At Last -- There is a method to totally automate the delivery process of your eBay eBooks ... or any digital product!
And What's More, your valuable customers will love the fast shipping! This will help create repeat business, putting extra dollars in your pocket!


"Your eBook clearly demonstrates how automating the delivery of digital products on eBay can easily be achieved and I strongly believe that anyone selling eBooks (and digital software products) will be extremely grateful to you for the way you fully explain how to do this."
-- Ricky Allen, www.YourAuctionCashMachine.com


Dear eBayer,

If you've sold eBooks on eBay before, or still do, you will know from first hand experience how time consuming the beginning to end procedure is. It will probably go something like this ...

You receive an email from eBay notifying you that you have made a sale.
EBay operates globally 24/7, 360 days a year. With this in mind, you can, and DO, receive orders anytime of the day or night!
You check your inbox to find an order, wooohooo!
(order received 6 hours ago while you were asleep)
For verification you login to PayPal.com to make sure that your customer has indeed paid for your product. Great, money there!
(10 minutes)
Now for manual delivery - You compose a new email, route through your eBay and PayPal emails to obtain your recipient's email address and insert it into your customer email. You compose a 'thank you' letter with download instructions or attachment.
(20 minutes)

Your valuable customer receives his eBook 6˝ hours after placing the order. Not bad right ...


In my experience, and I believe this to be common practice, I have received eBooks I've ordered from eBay 24/48 hours or even 1 week later.

Let's get serious here -- I've ONLY ordered a digital product that can  easily be delivered via email in seconds ...

Why The Long Wait?

The 4 point example above, is only for 1 order. I regularly receive multiple orders throughout the day. I am sure you can see how time consuming this whole process can be. Instead of spending your valuable time on other things, you devote hours upon hours processing eBook orders!

I have a product that will make your life inconceivably easier! Your customers will love you for the fast delivery ... introducing

"Automatic Digital Delivery on eBay"


What Exactly Does Your Product Do And How Will It Benefit Me Andre?

Simply put, my guide illustrates exactly what you will need to know to setup your product delivery process in a hands free configuration.

My guide fully illustrates, in a step-by-step manner, how you can setup your entire eBook/eBay business to literally run on auto pilot! That's more, this guide is really EASY to use!

Your customer will receive his product, from you, seconds after successful payment has been verified (which is done automatically). When I say seconds, I really mean SECONDS!

In fact, your customer will receive your product so fast, they probably wouldn't have even had enough time to logout of PayPal .... and you just don't get better or faster customer service than that!


"I'm running a new, small business providing valuable tutorials on photography. It's doing very well but I had the problem of not being able to respond quickly to purchases. This guide has completely solved the problem, and all sales are now fully automated, which is much less work for me and much better for my customers."
Garry Edwards, www.PhotoLearn.co.uk


Take A Minute And Think About This Scenario Carefully...

You list 5 separate auctions each with a quantity of 50 of your latest eBooks (hot off the press). You set a 10 day duration, a for $9.97 with an attractive advert and submit.

It just so happens that you and the missus are off to the south of Spain on holiday for 2 weeks :)

Two weeks later after returning from your holiday, you logon to your PC to find $598.20 patiently waiting for you in your PayPal account. BUT Not only that, your eBay feedback reputation has skyrocketed 60 points too!


Ahaaa, If Only It Were That Easy ... It IS!

Automatic Digital Delivery on eBay is not a product, but rather a method I have taken MONTHS to RESEARCH, TEST, TWEAK, TEST and compile!

I spent weeks on forums asking different people on HOW THEY deliver their eBooks or digital products on eBay to their valuable clients. NO ONE had a complete solution. All I found was frustration...

Why did no one have any answers? All I was asking, seemed really simple. What I REALLY needed was the ability to ...

Deliver my product in a timely fashion, immediately after my customer had purchased it via eBay and paid with PayPal.
Remember, a customer expects instant gratification. They have taken the time to send you instant payment. All they expect in return is to receive the product they has bought, to be delivered in a timely fashion.
Delivery should only happen once PayPal receives verification of payment, allowing you to  automatically deliver your product to your valued customer seconds later.

I don't know what you think, but to me, it is not too much for your customer to expect prompt delivery.

NOT 5 days, NOT 48 hours and not even 24 hours! Prompt means ASAP. A few hours at MOST!


"Being 100% technically Un-inclined, all I can say is OUTSTANDING!

Auto Digital Delivery is simple to understand, and the examples you have included in the way of snapshots makes it very easy to follow your instructions. You've left out the BS, and cut to the chase. Anyone that's ever wanted to know how to automate their digital sales on eBay (or, anywhere else for that matter), will find your new book to be THE ultimate guide. Thanks for such a much needed piece of information."
-- Peter Egeler, www.Auction-Resource-Alerts.com


The Solution!

It took me a long time but eventually I developed a method of answering the question I was asking others for so long ....

By using a variety of technologies and services available on the Internet I managed to find a simple solution. And that is exactly the beauty about my solution ... It's SIMPLE!

ANYONE will be able to follow and understand what I explain in my guide. Lets take a look why:

Every step in the puzzle is fully illustrated with screenshots of exactly what you need to do.
I take you by the hand an lead you step-by-step through the process.
Be assured, customer service is my #1 priority! If you ever need help, I will personally help you out.


"Andre, I am brand new to internet and more especially auction selling. Your course has opened up a whole new dimension for selling my product. It is only one of a very small handful of products that are worth their weight in gold and deserve all of the praise and support that they get.

I wholeheartedly endorse this ebook and recommend it as a must buy if you wish to sell any digital product on eBay."
-- Rob Walton, www.spreadtrade2win.com

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I'm Still Not Sure Andre. I Have Some More Questions - FAQ?

Do I Have To Use PayPal To Receive Payments?

YES! You have to remember that we require automation. By accepting, for example, cash or cheques as payment, we will NEVER accomplish a fully automated delivery system.

Can We Accept Payments From Other Online Payment Services Like BidPay?

NO! PayPal is owned by eBay inc. EBay have tightly integrated PayPal's instant payment system into theirs. This tight integration is required for this automation system to fully function on auto-pilot mode.

Also remember PayPal is used by about 90% of eBayers. This percentage is even higher for customers that commonly purchase digital products like eBooks.

I Live In The UK, Will Your System Still Work From eBay.co.uk?

YES! EBay UK has full PayPal integration just like eBay.com. I sell my digital products on both eBay UK and eBay.com using my system.

EBay is actively working hard to bring full PayPal integration to all their global sites. You will need to check with your local eBay site and find out if they support full PayPal integration.

Alternatively, I would simply sell from eBay.com directly. If you live in Australia, for example, you can simply log onto eBay.com and sell from there. All currency conversion is handled automatically by eBay and is converted to your 'home' currency at the end.

I prefer to sell from eBay.com as it has a greater category selection. EBay.com even have a category especially for Information Products (Category # 47103).

Once I Purchase Your Product, Is There Any Further Hidden Costs Involved?

This is a GOOD question. Within my guide I have specifically detailed two methods of automation. This was important for me to accomplish, as I understand customers don't want to purchase a product only to find further 'hidden' catches requiring further investment. Be assured I have addressed this issue and hence ...

I have detailed TWO METHODS. A free method and a pay method. The pay method draws upon 3rd party services (domain registration and website hosting), and hence a small cost. This cost is small, about $14.94 per year.

Why not only have a free method? Simply, the pay method looks more professional and is more flexible. Both options are fully explained and the choice is left up to you. No hidden catches or costs!

Is This Going To Take Me Long To Setup?

NO TIME AT ALL! The guide is really easy to understand. You can have the free method up and running in under an hour (depending on how fast you can read and click your mouse). The pay method can take about 72 hours to be fully operational due to domain name registration (that's how long it can take to replicate around the Internet).

How Many Different eBooks Can I Sell Any One Time?

You can have up to eight different eBook campaigns setup for automatic delivery per PayPal account, each with unlimited quantities. This limitation is down to PayPal.

Is It Really For Me?

You have got to first ask yourself two questions.

Is you customer valuable to you?
Do you want to have the chance of your customer purchasing from you again (back-end sales and repeat business)?
Is time valuable to you?


"Your book is awesome man! You teach well. I've read and written a lot of digital tutorials...This is a good one you should be proud of...Top Grade! It's really simple...I just logged in and started experimenting and I see it will work like a breeze! I foresee increasing profits a lot!"
-- Jesse Gilbert, www.pdfsecrets.com


What Will This Guide Cost You?

Well like I've already explained, I spend months researching a method to enable full automated delivery of my digital products. I then spent countless hours tweaking and testing the system.

As a fulltime Internet Marketer my time is worth a great deal to me. Time spent researching and testing is time not spent earning money.


It's Affordable And Available Immediately...

My first thought was to sell Automatic Digital Delivery on eBay for $97. That way I would only have to sell a few copies to recoup my time investment. However I'm not going to charge you anywhere near what this guide is worth. In fact, your total investment for my Automatic Digital Delivery on eBay guide is just $34.77.

I've read enough. I want a copy now...

So what's the catch? Why am I practically giving this discovery away?

Well, it's really quite simple. Since you’re downloading the Manual directly from the Internet I have no inventory and no fulfillment costs. I don’t need to pay anyone to take the orders over the phone. This way I can pass along my cost savings to you. So you win and I win. You simply order and this valuable information can be accessed and downloaded in minutes.

And there is one more catch...

Ownership Of This Guide Will Be Restricted

If I sold my guide too cheap, I would end up saturating the market and then my guide will no longer be that 'secret' that only a few know about.

I can't risk every eBook or digital product seller on eBay using my techniques.


My customers know me. They know I deliver what they pay for, in seconds! I get a huge amount of repeat business. Remember 'instant gratification' ... I can sell an identical product to someone else for MORE MONEY, and my customers will rather purchase from me. They want what they have paid for NOW and not in 12 hours time. They know the great fast service I provide, and pay accordingly!

If I saturate the market so that everyone on eBay can deliver their products automatically in seconds, I lose my unique competitive advantage, and will inevitably have to lower the prices I charge.

These methods help me generate a bread-and-butter income on eBay. For this reason I do plan to stop selling my guide the moment I feel that my eBay sales are getting adversely impacted.

In short, if you want access to one of the most important and powerful guides for eBay, then you'd better act right this minute.


"Andre has taken all of the mystery out of hands-off automatic customer product delivery. His easy-to-read guide is replete with pictures that spell out for anyone just how to put your digital products on autopilot...it's a must read
if you're even the slightest bit confused about selling and delivering digital products online."
-- Barbara Ling, eBay Search Profits, www.AuctionSearchProfits.com


Buy Now And Enjoy These Bonuses

How to track your downloads! - Verify if your customers have successfully downloaded your product before they contact you. Be proactive! If I notice a certain customer has paid for a product, but has not downloaded it, I'd email them and offer my help. Your customers will be totally blown away by your awesome service.
How to mask/disguise your download URL links! - This way customers cannot see where your downloads are 'really' located. This helps with stopping the piracy of your valuable product. Not all customers are trustworthy I'm afraid.
My Black and White 100% 30 day money back guarantee! - If my guide does not produce all that I have explained to automate the delivery of your digital products, I will refund you your money in full! Why only a 30 day guarantee Andre? My guide is quick and simple to put into action. If it does not work for you in 30 days, it won't work for you in 30 years. My methods detailed in my guide, work ... Period!
My personal assistance should you need any help! This alone is worth the price of my product many times over!


You Get All Of This If You Order Now!
And You Get It All Instantly!

Step-by-step, I hold your hand, fully illustrated guide.
You will learn two methods to fully automate your digital delivery system.
1) A free method.
2) A pay method.
Once the payment has been accepted by PayPal your customer will automatically get an email with the download link to your product.
Have up to eight different eBook campaigns setup for automatic delivery per PayPal account, each with unlimited quantities.
How to track your downloads (BONUS).
How to mask/disguise your download URL links (BONUS).
My black and white 100% 30 day money back guarantee (BONUS).
My personal assistance should you need any help (BONUS).


"Andre, Your "Auto Digital Delivery on eBay" ebook is concise, easy to read and very informative. I have had many people ask me how to automatically deliver ebooks sold on eBay. Now, I'll have an ebook to point them to for complete and easy to understand instructions. Thanks!"
-- Robbin K. Tungett, www.AuctionRiches.com


How confident am I that Automatic Digital Delivery on eBay works? Just check out my black and white guarantee...

I personally guarantee that if you make an honest effort to try out the Automatic Digital Delivery on eBay system over the next 30 days, but then decide during that time - for whatever reason - that it can't work for you, then I will gladly refund your money, no questions asked and nothing deducted from what you paid.
It's as black and white as that!

So you see you have absolutely everything to gain and at the same time, I will take 100% of the risk for your own success. What a deal!

Click HERE to grab your copy now!


To your success,


Andre Chaperon
Author & Publisher
Automatic Digital Delivery on eBay

Andre Chaperon the Author

P.S. Remember, the more you automate your business as much as you can, the more money you will make! It's simply a time thing -- and then a numbers game :-)

P.P.S. Ownership of this guide is restricted. Order your copy now before it is not longer available.


"Auto Digital Delivery is an awesome book! Andre has done a great job illustrating a step by step process with simple screenshots that even the most technically challenged can understand. If time is money then the savings made by automating your auction sales of digital goods could make this your best investment of the year! Highly recommended for anyone selling information or software products."
-- Fraser Neilson, www.Living-Free.net



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