The Auto-ID Center officially closed on October 26th, 2003. The final board meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan. The Center has completed its work and transferred its technology to EPCglobal (, which will administer and develop EPC standards going forward.

The university labs of the former Auto-ID Center will now be referred to as Auto-ID Labs ( Professor Elgar Fleisch of the University of St. Gallen and Professor Jun Murai of Keio University will co-chair the Research Council.Dr. Dan Engels will take over as Director of the MIT Auto-ID Lab. The leadership of the other labs will remain the same.

Professor Sanjay Sarma has stepped aside as Chairman of Research. Mr. Kevin Ashton's term as Executive Director of the Auto-ID Center also draws to a close. "Kevin has been an extraordinary partner in this endeavor," Professor Sarma said. "We wish him all the very best. It has been a long and tiring run for Kevin and me, but a very rewarding one. It is time for new leadership."