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Each time we do a workshop, a speaking event, or other outreach event, we ask that each person who attends to Tell 5! people they know about the issues faced by people born with bodies like ours. We also ask them to request those they tell to tell another 5 people and so on and so on. This successful outreach program in effect turns each person we encounter into an accidental activist, helping to demystify who we are. By speaking aloud about people with bodies like ours, even in intimate gatherings, it helps to break down the shame and secrecy so many of us feel.

The Tell 5! initiative has been adopted using our handouts as well; and we encourage interested people to take many and distribute them to their friends, and organizations in exchange for a promise to hand them out and talk about the information we provide.

Since you are interested in people with bodies like ours, we ask you to Tell 5! people you know about what you read and learned here at the Bodies Like Ours website. And don't forget to ask them to tell 5 people they know.

If you would like handouts to help you with Tell 5!, please send us a mailing address and we will send some right out to you. There is no charge for these handouts, but we do request a donation of whatever you can comfortably give.



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