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Make a game to coincide with the anticipated Hulk film, out this summer
Stylish cel shading throws back to character’s comic book roots
Grrr. Growl. Hulk Smash! Grrr. Growl
Although the environments are truly destructible, the camera sometimes gets in the way of enjoyable mayhem
Like a lot of movie games this year – the film looks promising and the game is pretty dull

 sometimes feel like all I’m doing is playing games for movies I really want to see. While Enter the Matrix is a blast (with some admitted shortcomings), Wolverine’s Revenge introduced new levels of game-induced pain. The Hulk falls somewhere in-between the two. It’s far more technically sound and visually compelling than Wolverine; but doesn’t have the pulsing soundtrack or "Woah, that was so cool" feeling from Enter the Matrix.

Visually, Hulk has an interesting take on celshading, and the look fits here. Radical clearly spent a lot of time working on character models and animations, as Bruce’s meaner side can pick up anything in the environments (including people) and chuck it at anything else in the environment (including other people). This is a load of fun…for about 15 minutes.

Think of Destroy All Monsters Melee – it’s supposed to be played in small bursts with friends. The Hulk features the same play dynamics and schemes, but is dragged out through a dull, mindless Story Mode. Presumably, the stealthy Bruce Banner levels are supposed to break up the monotony; but they aren’t well developed, and although I thought this not possible, more bland than the action. Three phrases to describe The Hulk: technically solid, aesthetically pretty, and phenomenally dull.-lisa

When you’re as big, mean, and green as the Hulk, it’s hard to be versatile. Nobody expects anything from the rage-fueled monster other than a path of destruction. Accordingly, this game should have stuck to what it does best: carnage. I was pleasantly surprised at how varied and fluid the combo attacks where, and found myself cackling with malicious glee several times. Only two problems here: The camera is no help, and I was disappointed that the game’s engine doesn’t allow you to take on multiple foes at the same time as fluidly as EA’s Two Towers, for example. Elsewhere, the title is a total bore. What did Bill Bixby spend most of his time doing in the TV show? Hitchhiking. Similarly, Bruce Banner’s non-Hulk exploits here are of no interest to me. This title would have benefited from focusing on and perfecting its combat segments.


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