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Recruitment is Closed
Recruitment is currently closed for the next month or so. This will allow us time to take in and properly review the current recruits we have onhand.

I still encourage those that wish to join even tho missing us this time to still post on our general forums so that we might get you know you and thus making recruitment easier once we do open again.

Thank you

Minister of Members Affairs
Submitted by: Sendoh on March 28, 2004

New President of Trinity Repulic
I am the 5th President of the Trinity Republic! I am honored and privileged to be chosen. Trinity can only get stronger, and with recruitment in full swing and two wonderful new members in Wynn and Tanethe, the future of Trinity Republic is bright!

I can only do my best, and my best is what you can expect. Please shoot by our forums and ask about recruitment if you want to become a member, or about military operations and diplomacy if you are from another PA.

Welcome to a new era in Trinity.
Submitted by: Moosacca on March 27, 2004

Trinity Republic Welcomes New Members
Trinity Republic would like to welcome 2 new members to our family.

Wynn and Tanethe

Both have been in Trinity City for a long time and have helped us many times by defending the city,helping the city grow further with new business, and being all around good citzens. We hope that they will make Trinity even stronger now that they are truly part of our family.
Submitted by: Sendoh on March 27, 2004

X-Wing Lands in Trinity City!
Trinity City now has its very own X-Wing fighter in front of our City Hall!

Many members of not only Trinity Republic, but The Revenant Guard of Alderaan sacrificed a lot of time and effort to scavenge the planets searching for the elusive data disks. On behalf of Trinity Republic, I'd like to thank all of them for their efforts. Special congratulations and thanks go out to the finders of the data disks: Moosacca, Staubach, Grizart, and Dos!
Submitted by: Kielker on March 03, 2004

The Fourth Disk is FOUND!
1 disk
2 disk
3 disk

Congratulations to all the many people who sacrificed their time, patience, and sanity in the effort to find the four disks. The WP's have been submitted and we will hopefuly be rewarded for all the hard work shortly. Special thanks go out to the following disk finders in the order that they were found:
1) Moosacca
2) Staubach
3) Grizart
4) Dos

Great job all!!!
Submitted by: Rando on March 02, 2004