Point of View Q/A May 7, 2003 by BlueWolf72 at 8:42pm

Toadman answers in "T"; DAV answers in "D"!

Q: So how are you today? Time for an interview but first lets get some vitals, your age, real name, job, place where you are from. Along with anything you want to add!

T: My name is Andrea, I'm from Italy and I'm 33, these are all the infos that are not classified ;)

D: I am Davide Cintr„o (yes, with a Ďeí at the end), Iím from Portugal and Iím 28. I am a civil servant where I work as a computer programmer.

Q: Point of View was thought up when? Why the reverse role? Is the mod like another game or mod in your opinion?

T: I had the idea about POV while playing Opposing Force, long before to start working on Azure Sheep. I asked to the modeler of "Swarm" (a great multiplayer mod for HL, http://swarm.hlgaming.com/) the permission to use his first person slave hands. He didnít give. I also asked to "KS" (the mapper who had made "Peaces like us", a great single player mod for HL, http://www2d.biglobe.ne.jp/~ks_wca/wca_hl1e.htm) to work with me in this project. He denied because he was working to "Sweet HL" (another great SP HL mod, http://www2d.biglobe.ne.jp/~ks_wca/home_fm_no.htm). Then the project "changed", the player become Just Barney, I joined DAV and we made Azure Sheep. During the making of AS I wanted the player to be transformed in an alien slave (soon after he is captured by the G-man and he is rescued by Kate) and after some level he should have been re-transformed back in a human. We deleted this feature from AS because we had too much to do and because DAV didnít like the idea of J. Barney transformed in an alien. When we was about to release AS, I told DAV about my ancient project; this mod with a different "point of view", he agreed and with Doc Brown we made it. To be honest I have to say that lately, because of my real work, the time I dedicated to the mod was really small, so my involvement in POV is much more small than in AS. I feel Azure Sheep was 50% Toadman e and 50% DAV but POV is 90% DAV.

D: That covers everything.

Q: How long have you been working on Point of View?

T: I think 1 year and half

D: Yes, we started around early September 2001

Q: Describe the best feature in the mod in your opinion? What should the person look for that they might miss?

T: The best features? The fact to be an alien slave, DAVīs maps, Docīs story.

D: To be a Alien Slave is the best feature to me but I especially like the in game story texts that show what the players character is thinking. I also like to ear the selected weapon making sounds when it is idle.

Q: Describe the weapons and what the weapon you will use the most and why?

T: My favorite weapon is the Stukabat (I like the mix between hrv style and the snark style), the one that to be used most of the time is the "standard" 3 hands claws (no ammo needed, it is used to improve health) D: I like the akimbo hornet but I also have to use the 3 hands claws more because of being used to improve health.

Q: Since this is single player who is my enemy and friend?

T: Human are enemies, alien are friends...but not always...

D: Yup, be prepared for some surprises...

Q: I see on the site I am alien what special skills do I have? Any tips?

D: You can use more weapons then the normal Alien Slave and use the beam attack to heal yourself. A tip, some enemies will be surprise when they see you or too scared to attack you immediately, use this to your advantage.

Q: Explain how the player classes will work and how will I survive to finish the mod?

D: There is only one player class on POV, the Alien Slave. The player is not very powerful and on the hard skill POV is not easy making it a good challenge to finish. You have the normal health but no armor and it is very easy to loose health if you just attack as soon as you see enemies and donít take precautions. Remember, the only two ways to gain health are the Xen healing pools (on Xen) or the beam attack. Still there are some things that can help, the stukabat is a fire and forget weapon and the akimbo hornet can make some serious damage and it is ideal to hunt small sized enemies. If all things fail you can always load a saved game and try again...

Q: What mods do you like in Half Life?

T: The mod I like most are: the ones by DAV (DAVHLPAK1 where Scientists are neutral and Barneys are ENEMIES!, DAVSub and DAVTrain), the one by KSī ("Peaces like us" and "Sweet HL"), Opposing Force, Blue Shift, Deliverance and Swarm.

D: Singleplayer: USS-DarkStar by Neil Manke; Edge of Darkness by Chris Spain; Peaces Like Us and Sweet HL by Konmei Satou. Multiplayer: Day of Defeat.

Q: Final thoughts

T: Enjoy POV!

D: And donít forget to check the POV site for the latest info.