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6 May 2004 - The To-do list for "FreeDOS 1.0" has been updated. See the (updated) To-do list. Some things will need to wait until after "FreeDOS 1.0". See the post To-do list.

20 Apr 2004 - Bernd Blaauw has posted the FreeDOS Beta9 pre-release5 distribution. Or, if only wanting to update binary files, use files contained in the diskette image, odin7bin.zip (ibiblio.org).

18 Apr 2004 - Bart Oldeman has posted kernel 2034. Memory savings, better ctrl-c/break handling, and more.

Warning: ASUS motherboards and FreeDOS! See Technote211.

PG 1.11
14 May 2004 by jhall
BAHCL writes: I've made some bug fixes and enhancement to PG 1.11:
1. handles long line without LF 2. fixes garbage bug 3. show cursor on after a jump to request 4. invoking / exiting plugin with the same key 5. handles files up to 1,048,576 lines 6. seals up some potential problems 7. fixes some bugs related to plugins 8. revised manual

This version is available only at ibiblio.

NerveBreak 0.1.4 is out
11 May 2004 by jhall
michalopoylos writes: NerveBreak 0.1.4 is out and now has objects/classes support, host-side (interrupt) function calls, precompiled scripts and more. For those who don't know what NerveBreak is, it is an open source scripting library (and standalone interpreter) which has as it's first aim to be used in game development. It's license allows it to be used even in small device games (f.e. GameBoy Advance). More information about NerveBreak can be found at web site. As usual, there is a special 32bit DOS version of the interpreter for FreeDOS (and this time, there is a precompiled library (.a) for DJGPP).

LBAcache: design update, 1.68 MB disks, read-ahead, OnTrack
10 May 2004 by eric
I uploaded lbacache-09may2004.zip: This version includes TICKLEHD, a variant of the TICKLE floppy read-ahead tool. The new tool supports harddisk read-ahead as well. Please read the documentation! LBAcache itself now finally supports non-standard floppy sizes like 1.68 MB. The STAT / INFO display now suppresses leading zeroes when showing decimal values. The startup message is a bit shorter now.
EzDrive/OnTrack/... calls for old-style > 1024 cylinder support are blocked by LBAcache now (former versions shut down the cache to be safe instead). Let me know if this breaks e.g. NDD or Win95b (if they are now able to use modern LBA calls instead).

FreeDOS FC 3.00
10 May 2004 by jhall
Maurizio has posted version 3.00 of FreeDOS FC: What's new: Bug fix for the /S switch: failed because of filenames were sometimes used as directory name. Added automatic support for long filenames if the OS allows. Added the /R switch for a final report (always active when using /S). Added the /Q switch for suppressing the list of differences. This is also available at ibiblio.

10 May 2004 by jhall
Gregory Pietsch writes: I know, it's been five months since I last updated FreeDOS EDLIN. I decided to add a couple of things to EDLIN. Now, decimal escape sequences are in EDLIN! (I couldn't leave well enough alone.) This is available at ibiblio.

Printer servers in FreeDOS
6 May 2004 by jhall
Hardy gives this bit of advice for anyone trying to set up a printer server in FreeDOS: .. A great thing running on oldest hardware. I was looking for a DOS Printserver to run on a 386sx16 but the google result was nothing, all Linux solutions did not accept this old hardware, so EZ-NOS Printserver offers a great thing but nobody knows about it! Thanks and best regards FreeDOS is often used in embedded systems, such as control systems or low-end servers. A FreeDOS-based printer server would make a great addition to your LAN.

1-disk FreeDOS and bootable CDROM
6 May 2004 by jhall
Fritz wrote: Hi everyone, this is to inform you that a diskette with FreeDOS which needed "more than one cigarette" with the latest kernel 2034 is ready for download on my website - Button "Installation disk". At this site you can also find "my idea" of a bootable CD running by freedos and using (hope so) only free software. It works with the GUI wbat from Horst Schaeffer (freeware) and offers running software such as f-prot for dos, freedos editors, volkov commander (shareware), cmaxx, emaxx, DOS-Navigator, harddrive wiping tools... Hope you enjoy this CD and the diskette.

LBAcache update: More userfriendly
3 May 2004 by eric
Hi folks, I made LBAcache more user friendly again. The new version features a STAT command which shows only statistics but not all the technical mumbo-jumbo of the INFO command. And a ZERO command to clear the statistics, nice for measurements. Note that ZERO does *not* imply SYNC. Read the greatly improved LBACACHE.TXT to learn all about this version. Especially if you have been using LBACACHE.SYS which is NO LONGER AVAILABLE in the new version. Bonus: The command line parser now allows you to specify the cache size in good old kilobytes. Get lbacache-01may2004.zip now :-). PS: Testers wanted for the (off by default) harddisk readahead mode of TICKLE and for element size effects...

FreeDOS MODE now supports compressed CPI (updated)
29 Apr 2004 by eric
Hi, MODE 29apr2004 now allows you to use compressed CPI files. A normal CPI file with 5 or 6 codepage definitions is 49 or 58k big. By 1. renaming to .com 2. compressing with UPX (!) and 3. renaming to .cpx you can create compressed (CPX) files, only 6-7k small, and save a lot of disk space. Of course you can still use normal CPI files as well. Also new (since MODE 23apr2004)...: You can now use syntax like MODE COM1 BAUDHARD=1152 to select 115200 baud without having to rely on BIOS and MODE COM1 BAUDHARD=1 to read out current baud rate and settings.
Update: (10 May 2004) Eric has posted a new update to MODE. Eric adds: The NEW update of MODE (10may2004) only fixes a few wrong messages which got introduced by switching to prf.c printf(). This version is available from Eric's page or at ibiblio.

FreeDOS Edit 0.81
28 Apr 2004 by jhall
Joe Cosentino has posted an update to FreeDOS Edit. Joe writes: Here's a small update of Edit...some new features, bug fixes, etc... Nothing special, but I would definitely recommend downloading it. Oh, and you can get it at my web site. (Read more..) This release has also been mirrored at ibiblio.

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