European Voluntary Service

The participation of young Catalan residents in the European Voluntary Service (EVS)
Where the EVS can be done::
- Member States of the European Union
- Countries that are members of the European Economic Space
- Countries that are candidate members of the European Union
- Countries of Central and Eastern Europe
- Countries of the Mediterranean arch
- Latin American countries

How to do an EVS:
Fill in the form (link)
- Prepare a Currículum Vitae and a letter of motivation (in English or the language of the country in which you want to do the EVS)
- Consult the database of the website:
- Prepare a list of projects (10, more or less) by order of preference

Contact persons for sending projects: Lluc Martí Pe and Mauro Dalla Costa

Since November 2001, Barcelona Voluntaria has created the possibility for youngsters to do a voluntary service in other countries of Europe. Until today, 24 resident young people of Catalunya have begun or are on the verge of beginning their EVS in 10 different countries. Barcelona Voluntaria is the main EVS sending organization of Catalunya.